This was posted 2 years 8 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Get 2GB Free Bonus Data Day or Night on Spark Prepaid


Get 2GB Free Bonus Data Day or Night on Spark Prepaid with a $19, $29 or $49 prepaid rollover value pack.

• Bonus data does not rollover.
• Terms Apply

Looks like Spark is also competing with other mobile plan companies for summer season deals.

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    This is getting silly but in such a good way. My $19 spark plan is now giving me 6.75Gb a month, and that's before the rollover data or data back🤣

    • Same here 😂 I got 7.3GB right now. Data stack is the way to go with Spark prepaid.

      • Absolutely, it took a while to build up but now it has I get almost 3 times more from the data stack than I pay for. I can't see me leaving anytime soon unless the $19 plans elsewhere get a huge data increase. Currently sat on over 11Gb including data back and rollover, considering I'm working from home so always on WiFi I never even make a dent in it anymore.

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          That's what happened to me with 2Degrees - they are trying to make it psychologically difficult for people to move.

          I eventually jumped to Skinny and saved a stack load of dollars. I also lost the 30GB (?) or so of data I had accumulated with 2Degrees, but I realised that it would not take long before the dollars sitting in my pocket rather then theirs would easily buy more data than I had lost, and that is only if I ever needed to - hasn't happened and probably won't. I pre-purchased credit when they had the deal through Countdown so got my monthly (actually four-weekly) spend down to about $9 rather the headline $16, compared to $19 (I think) with 2Degrees. That's well over $100 over a year I could use to buy data if I ever need it (unlikely, but you never know).

          In fact, I think Skinny gave me 5GB when I joined, and another 1GB a couple of months later, so it pretty much guaranteed that I would never run out anyway.

          If you are working from home for now, then this is the ideal time to switch as you note - you probably aren't using much mobile data at all.

          YMMV of course.


          • @Alan6984: I might consider it if there's another deal where I can load up on credit the same way you have. For now the spark plan has so much renewing data though, just shy of 8gb a month is renewed data not accumulated rollover data, I've maxed that pot out at 3.5gb backed up on top of that 8gb of renewing data.

            When I moved here I complained about the low data caps and the price for phone plans and had to really adjust how I used my phone as I was used to having unlimited for about $30. Probably about time that I can turn off some one the only over WiFi options on my phone again.

          • @Alan6984: The nice thing about Skinny is you can gift data and credit. Eg. You can gift your son 500 MB, it will cost you 50c, he has a week to use it if he's not on a plan (it will ve added to his rollover data if he's on a rollover plan). So you can cover your son's usage for $2/month if he only needs data and you have data to spare.

            • @sunshinenz: Didn't know you could gift data (I did know about gifting credit).

              Thanks for the heads up!


            • @sunshinenz: Cheers for the tip! I have just been thinking about how I can cheaply set up my two 12 year olds with mobile phones. I have been trying to find family plans, but only really expensive ones exist i.e. an extra $30 Perry member.

              • @Gatkins: You can try 2degrees. If you use a pay monthly plan you can share your data to 5 extra numbers. You can set a limit to how many data each number can use or let them use all your data.

                A few years ago they've given out a free sim to anyone who is pay monthly. That sim has free 100M data every month and requires no topup as long as you have the primary account active.

                They recently moved $30 plan to prepay so the cheapest you can do is $40. But if you are sharing this to 5 people that might be well worth it.

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              @sunshinenz: This reminds me of my time in Australia. Telstra had a series of ridiculous loopholes that could be completely abused to basically get free stuff.

              On prepaid you topped up and got your data and minutes but kept the money as call credit, this could then be gifted to other accounts, but turns out gifting $10 to an internet only SIM would register as a data pack, so added data and kept the $10. So suddenly people were buying a multiple data Sims and just bouncing credit around getting free data.

              The kicker was when you'd had your fill you could then spend the credit in the Google play store. Some bright spark then made an app that just sold advice for any amount, took the fees and would pay you out to PayPal. It was so broken but such a glorious time to be a Telstra customer🤣

              • @Everettpsycho: I've heard some parts of this scheme from Ozbargain but wasn't aware of the full extent. Crazy!

    • how did you manage that?

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        Spark offer various data extras. The main bulk of mine is now data stack. You need the spark app installed but it's doesn't actually do anything on your phone anyway. Each month you have it you gain an extra 100mb in your data stack, so:

        month 1 is 100mb extra
        month 2 is 200mb extra
        Month 12 is 1.2gb extra

        It maxes out at 10Gb but nobody will have reached that yet as it's only been live a couple of years. Early on they did a few months where it was 300mb which got it up to an extra GB really fast.

        Add to that they do data back which is 50% of your used data this month added to your plan next month.

        My make up now is:
        1.25gb base plan
        3.5Gb data stack
        2Gb bonus data (this deal)
        820mb data back

        And 3.5Gb of rollover as well.

        Not bad for $19.

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