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Hi guys, looking to buy my very 1st treadmill, having difficulty with kids at home to go out and exercise, so looking for a treadmill so i can at least do some regular walking/light jogging and if i start becoming active, do some running on it too.

So far, i have looked at few options at torpedo, using the hospitality code:

ProRunner X40 Treadmill
Comes down to $685 delivered BUT looks like this is very basic treadmill just for walking?

ProRunner 42XT Treadmill - Grey/Red
Comes down to $996 delivered AND it says you can do fast jogging on this (Motor: 2.0 Continuous HP, 3.0 Peak HP)

Horizon Fitness Omega Treadmill
Comes down to $1650 delivered (powerful 3.0 HP motor, larger running area, looks very flash, bluetooth etc. features)

I am tempted by horizon so far but i think for my requirements prorunner 42xt should be enough for me? It will just be me and wife using it. Please suggest some options either from above or any other websites. Thanks heaps


  • Hi offroad and thank you for starting this topic because I am also looking to buy a treadmill. I've only been looking for a week or so but I think there are a couple of questions and scenarios that you need to consider before clicking the buy now button. Your thoughts on the below I think will allow others to better understand your situation and the machine that will suit you best.

    Make sure the machine is suitable weight wise. I'm around 90kg. Some machines I've looked at say that they're good for people up to 110kg but then say that that is just for walking. Jogging is 100kg and running 90kg etc.

    Make sure it has the options you want especially if you're going to use it for running. This seems to influence the price quite a bit. I want one that can do incline and handle me going full tilt. I might only do a little bit of jogging to begin with, but I know that there will be a time where I will want to go my absolute hardest and the last thing I want to be thinking about is the durability of the treadmill. Then there's the little things like bluetooth capability and a place to put your tablet so you can watch something while you walk.

    Think about how long you will realistically keep it for. Obviously if you buy one it's yours, but do you have a feeling that your circumstance will change sometime soon? Do you care about price? Do you do any other forms of exercise? Will there be any issues with treadmill location at your house? Your answers to these questions in particular will help determine if…

    something like an exercise bike, cross trainer or rowing machine would be better for you.

    renting or buying second-hand might be better for you (Elite Fitness, Rutherford Fitness etc.).

    • Thanks Wakrak, those are some really great points that you have mentioned which now makes me realise i need to do a bit more research before i pull the trigger.

      I weigh 75kgs and my main reason to buy treadmill is to reduce extra fat from my body. I will be doing much inclined fast walks same as u mentioned and some jogging too. I intend to keep treadmill for long time so need something sturdy.

      Not too concerned about bluetooth features or space for tablet etc. Dont really wanna spend more than $1500 as you never know most of the times u buy gym stuff and then never use it lol.

      I dont have any problem with space, we got spare rooms. I have a trek bike to go out biking, so not looking for an exercise bike

      • +1

        Make note of its measurements, we had one years ago that could not fit through the doors of a house we moved into.
        We eventually had to sell it and ended buying another one years later after we moved out .
        We have that one set up in the garage with a 32 inch tv in front of it streaming tv episodes/movies.

  • Side note: You mentioned kids at home - young kids are attracted to things like treadmills, so if little fingers are going to be a problem make sure you have a safe space to use it and be super vigilant about checking the kids aren't around below you begin. That goes for any powered exercise equipment.

    • Got a 4yo daughter but once you tell her something is dangerous for her, she would never go close to it. Lucky to have a kid so understanding 😊

  • I've never used a treadmill on Zwift but I bike on it a lot. Is this something you're considering as well? There may be things you'll need for it to work well for online training platforms, be it Zwift or anything else.

    • Got a trek bike for biking, so looking for treadmill thanks

  • 42XT wouls be a good futureproof option if you started looking into running more

    I run 5km in 20 minutes and typically run on speeds 14.5-16 so the X40 wouldn't be a suitable option for that type of speed

    If you think you're going to stick with jogging or light running, X40 would be okay

    • thanks, your comment has helped me a lot, i am more inclined towards 42XT now reason being - poweful motor compared to X40 (2.0 vs 1.5). Also more longer warranty on 42XT: 10 years on frame, 5 years on motor, 1 year on Parts and labour. And its only $311difference between the two

  • Found one at mighty ape as well now $917 delivered, looks to be comparable to torpedo 42X

  • Just saw the cheapies post about 50% off at torpedo tomorrow, will be interesting to see treadmill and trampoline prices tomorrow 😀

  • My advice on treadmills are the best movies to watch while on it… Cloverfield and Hardcore Henry. You can basically pretend you're the lead in the movie while running/walking.

    • Noted, thanks for the great advice 😀

    • Thanks @Wakrak the link shows all treadmills available only in Rosebank

      • I'm probably going to buy the 42XT. Just waiting for it to go on sale. $1000 delivered for me at the moment. If that can come down to around $800-900ish I'll get it. Even better if a decent Zip code comes out soon.

        • My thoughts are exactly same as yours, im also keen on 42xt but just waiting for a little bit more discount

          • @offroad: Do you have a long stride? If so, this might be 'okay'. Was just reading the reviews on T7 mentioning it and then found this video.

            I have a short step so won't be too much of an issue for me.

            • @Wakrak: Im 5”8 so don’t have long stride, should be all good for me. I just placed my order online got charged $996.40

              • @offroad: Nice. I just saw that it was $800 back in August so I'm going to wait for Black Friday sales to see if it drops in price.

                Keen to hear your thoughts on it once you test it out.

                • @Wakrak: I saw that August $800 price too but was that price from this year or from back in the year 2014?

                  Will let you know my feedback for sure 😊

                • @Wakrak: It actually says Lowest price $799.99 (2014-08-04) on pricespy

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    Got the ProRunner 42XT few weeks ago and I am very happy with it so far. My 1st treadmil. Have been looking online for a while and glad that I picked this.

    Easy assembling, great build quality.
    Suitable for walk, jog and run, no issues.
    Not so loud.

    • +1

      Thanks for your feedback, i am looking forward to receive mine asap

      • Thoughts on it so far?

        • +1

          Going great thanks, i use it for 30min every morning, feels very good quality build when i am running on it. Its nice and compact, can be easily folded after use. Got different programs, shows calories heart rate distance etc. not as big as the ones in gym but for home i think its perfect running/walking platform

          • @offroad: Hi offroad how do you buy 42XT online? I just check T7 and it said This Product Is In Store Only

            • @Geoffgo: When I bought it was available online too

            • @Geoffgo: probably running low in stock

            • @Geoffgo: It goes in and out of that in-store option.

            • +1

              @Geoffgo: Just bought it an hour ago

              • @Wakrak: Thanks guys, it still show in store only for me, I will check back later! How much did you paid Wakrak?

                • @Geoffgo: $976 delivered

                  • @Wakrak: Thanks Wakrak! I just saw a 2 years old 2nd hand ProRunner 46XT sell fro $750, do you think I should get it? Found the T7 link

                    • @Geoffgo: Sure if you think that that is the machine for you and are confident that it’s in good working condition. Really depends on what it is you want out of the machine and are you going to get your moneys worth out of it. If you’re going to use the treadmill maybe once a week, then 2nd hand might be a good option. Keep in mind that I have no experience when it comes to treadmills.

                      I can see my partner and I using the treadmill every day + it’s cheaper than her gym membership (splitting the Zip payments between us).

                      • @Wakrak: Thanks Wakrak! I think $750 is pretty good price for a 46xt right? I saw it on my local FB market place and check with the seller immediately too bad someone have ask her before me and it's sold.

          • @offroad: How long did delivery take for you?

            • @Wakrak: Nevermind. My order got cancelled.

            • @Wakrak: It was just over a week for me but yes must be stock issues which is why they cancelled ur order 🥲

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