Paladone PlayStation Icons Decorative Light $16 @ Kmart


This is usually $49 at places like JB Hi-Fi and The Warehouse. They also have a Star Wars one for $16 and a Minecraft one for $22, along with smaller lights for $11.

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  • Thanks OP. I tried pricebeating @ The Warehouse when EB Games had it at a similar price, but TWH turned me down because 'it was a special'. Hopefully have better luck doing it with Kfart.

    • $14.40 with price beat from the Warehouse, just purchased mine :) Thanks NZBigC!

      • please advise how did you manage to do this, from app or from computer. logged in to your account while doing it or not?

        • Logged into my account on my computer, used the live chat feature in the bottom right, sent them the link to KMart and the warehouse version, asked for a price beat. Once they confirm it you have to give your email again and add the item to the cart, and then they give you the confirmation that they've made the discount.
          After that, grab a free delivery coupon off here and apply it :)

          • @davew: I can do this Price Beat in store right?

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              @Janky: No idea sorry, but you can choose to do click and collect if you do it online.

              • @davew: Great thanks for the tip.

          • @davew: Thanks heaps, worked for me finally

          • @davew: I just tried to do this and was told that the sizes vary and therefore not eligible for a price match

            • @Mo11: Check the other posts, someone got price beat in store, and someone else just kept trying until they got someone who would price beat. Hopefully you can get one :)

              • @davew: 😁😁always the case when they give u run arounds you know they panic searching for things wrong

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      I am trying to connect with Ben at The Warehouse online chat to do price match but Ben seems to be sleeping and never replying to my chat message

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        Ben was no help, told me the size and brand and size were different.

        • I was able to get it done via Elsie

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            @offroad: It's taking a long time to connect to anybody and I keep getting Ben! I need to ask him when his shift finishes haha.

        • yes, he is ashol, I got it via tin

    • Managed to get TWH to price beat to $19.80 for the Minecraft one which they are selling for $49.

  • i saw these in store and thought they were great for the price, they also have minecraft and other smaller lights like creepers ect

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    I grabbed some for the kids as stocking fillers. Just goes to show the markup that the other retailers are applying

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    Tryed price beat the warehouse sizes are different and tech item

    • Yeah got told the same thing

  • Got one price beat in store. Thanks

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    I didn't give up I kept trying…I got,(tech item,then brand,then hights….and finally a price beat @$14.40 and then used a freeshipping code

  • My order is still "processing" - any one else's shipped yet?

    • That's normal

    • I beat it's got a tracking number now

      • Yep, allocated a tracking number ;)

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