Where to buy plants?

Keen to get your recommendations on where to buy good and affordable indoor plants. Bunnings? FB Marketplace? I’m in Auckland.


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    Depends what type of plants you're after. Big house, small house, heaps of sunlight, low maintenance, certain colours?

    I got most of mine at Bunnings just because I have a Powerpass card and had a Zip voucher to use. Some from Mitre10. Some off TradeMe. Some from weekend markets. A couple from mates. Auckland should have a pretty good Trade Me / FB market.

    Nothing extravagant in this house at the moment (+ just moved). Peace lily, ZZ, alocasia lauterbachiana, philodendron selloum, Calathea Rufibarba, Burro's-tail, spaghetti cactus, indoor palm, dracaenas. + more at work and a mix of fruit, vegetables and succulents outside.

    edit - Onceit & The Market are good for pots outside of Bunnings & Mitre10.

    • Thanks, this is super useful! Small house, low maintenance… peace lilies look like a good start.

      • At first I would buy plants because they look cool, but then I changed my approach to choosing the location first then doing research on what plant would fit best. The Alocasia for example likes air movement and good indirect sunlight, so I have it next to the back door where it catches most of the morning sun and a bit of wind.

        If you want a lot of feedback, there's a great NZ indoor plant group on Facebook. Thousands of members. Can't remember the name of it though.

  • I recommend Awa Nursery (out west) or Farrells Nurseries (out south). Their selection is pretty good and some of the best prices in Auckland + in my experience nursery plants tend to last a bit longer than ones from chain stores (due to grow conditions, acclimatized properly etc)

  • Anyone know a good place to get a decent lime tree?

    • Depends on what type of Lime tree you want! I recommend the Bearss variety, you can get it from Bunnings, Mitre10, Kings Plant Barn, Palmers etc.
      I found that Bunnings is the cheapest for non-specialist plants, and if you're bothered, you might be able to get 15% price beat at Mitre10 against Bunnings!

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