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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic - 46mm, Black (SM-R890) $499 + Shipping @ Dick Smith/Kogan


Was looking at the newer samsung smart watches as my frontier s3 has a burn in now after years of use and found Dick smith selling at a much cheaper price compared to

PB Tech $598.99+ shipping
NL $599+ shipping
JB Hifi $619+ shipping
The market (NL+5% voucher) $569.05 + shipping

note the galaxy watch 4 is now using wear os instead of tizen

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Hmm good to know that they keep the price.

    Bought when they were pre-order, $600 but with bonus battery and duo charger.

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    I would just like to make a correction. There's no such thing as samsung os. This particular watch runs on wear os, which is Android's own watch os.

    • Wait what, did they finally release a watch that does not run on tizen? holy moly.

      • Yup waiting on the next gen of wear os products

    • Tizen which is a open source operating system was further developed by Samsung for it's watches, so you could loosely say it was a Samsung operating system only used by Samsung watches but also required a plug-in on other smart phone brands to operate the Galaxy wearable application. Android Wear OS which is license to many watch brands and supported by the Google play store. Now Samsung with Wear OS will have far better apps for banking ,Google Maps, calendars and smart home applications etc. I have had three Samsung watches and the last two watches I've had are Huawei and current GT 2 Pro sapphire glass and titanium body $360, even though it has limited smart features it only requires charging half an hour each week.

    • well to be precise its Wear os + One UI

  • I had a Huawei GT2 for 2 years (2 years use and sold it for only $70 less than I paid for it new), and upgraded to a Samsung Watch 4 a few weeks ago (Not the classic, as I play sports and didn't want to pay more for something bulkier with no software differences).

    Both are great in their own way, Huawei's lasts around 10-12 days and is probably more than enough for most users in terms of functionality.

    Samsung's lasts around 36-40 hours, but it is a LOT smarter/powerful as the tradeoff. Can do a lot of things on your watch in 1 or 2 taps, saving you reaching for your phone a lot. Music, messaging back, payments, google maps on your wrist [even less distracting than a car mounted phone!]. Not to mention the gimmicks [body composition etc].

    The Heart rate monitoring seems amazing, with the caveat that during sports activities, you need to wear it 1/3rd up your wrist to ensure tracking works, once you do that its a lot better than Huawei's.

    I'd definitely recommend buying if you want physical bezels on the classic, however at $500 this deal is only $20 cheaper than the Samsung Education store sells the 46mm classic for. [just need an ac.nz address from you / kids etc].

    I got the 44mm Bluetooth Watch 4 for $359 on the education store, so that's a great cheaper option that's just as good unless you want a more stylish [but heavier] physical appearance.

  • Call me stupid but why is there like 10 of these variations? like if I look on Samsung's website to buy direct the model numbers are different.

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      "Classic" has a 42mm and 46mm size. It has a different, heavier and slightly more premium materials, and a physical bezel.

      Non-classic [sports version] comes in 40 and 44mm size. Its the successor of the 'active' series.

      Each individual size [i.e. all 4] come in LTE or non-LTE version.

      The 46/44mm are for those with large wrists [i.e. medium to large men], and the 42/40mm are for smaller men / 99% of women.

      LTE is for those who want to buy a sim for their watch and be able to leave their phone at home and still have full cell capabilities [call/internet], wheres the bluetooth/wifi only version you need your phone in Bluetooth range to use your mobiles sim, and wifi to use internet.

      • perfect thank you

      • So I got this but it doesn't have Australia or New Zealand or even USA as a country to select from I can choose English US or English UK but the countries it gives me are random ones any idea?

  • It looks like not a NZ model.
    From the description, the blood pressure and ECG are enabled!
    That's a awesome choice for us!!!

    • So I got this but it doesn't have Australia or New Zealand or even USA as a country to select from I can choose English US or English UK but the countries it gives me are random ones any idea?

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