Power + Gas Bundle Recommendation for New Place

Hi Guys,

We are moving to a new place and we were looking for good power and gas bundles.

Any help is appreciated

Thank you.


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    I went with Mercury after a bit of research, seemed to be the best rates a household of two and a decent joining credit.

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    You probably need to do a bit of research on power switch website to decide what's your best option. I did the calculations online and stayed with Mercury for another two years. They offered me a good amount of airpoints and account credit to stay with them. I also use Mercury app to earn airpoints by walking and answering questions which is about $80 a year.

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    I'm with contact energy due to them offering power, gas and broadband. I haven't done extensive research into all the companies but don't think the broadband band deal can be beaten.
    Let me know if you choose them and need a referral code etc. Cheers

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    For power, it will always depend on your location - you really have to shop around as power prices seem to vary substantially by location.

    Personally, I have never bundled power and other utilities (such as telecoms or internet) as I have always been able to get a better deal on each by splitting them, but electricity and gas in a single power bundle is probably fine.

    Obviously prices for internet will vary by service type - I will refer to fibre here as that is what I have, but the principle's should be the same for older technologies if you are still on copper lines:

    For example, I am with Contact for power right now, but earlier this month I signed up for Slingshot's six months free / $10 per month internet. That makes our internet plan (900 / 400 max speed and unlimited data - I went for the faster option) $10 per month for six months and I can leave after that if I want with no exit fee or ongoing commitment. Currently I would expect to go back to Stuff-Fibre at that point - they were doing six months half price, then $89.95 pm (so about 25% off the $89.95 across 12 months = $810 pa or $67.50 pm average) last time I looked (might be out of date now), but I will just look around when the Slingshot deal ends at the start of Apr 2022.

    Skinny is doing six months free currently too - see here (https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30066) if they would work for you.


    • Appreciate your detailed reply Alan. I got broadband sorted with Skinny 6 Months free. I will look into Contact for power as they have joining credit through referral and free 9pm - midnight electricity. Thanks :)

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        Do shop around the power - on average, it is unlikely Contact have the best deal.

        Whoever you sign up with, use the referral system on this site (assuming there is one for the supplier).

        For example, Contact:



        • Thank you. Will look into it :)

  • For me Contact is cheaper overall. I am still on no contract open term as rates are lower compared to nightly free power plan. We don't use much electricity after 10 so not worth paying higher rates to get free 3hrs in night. On calculation, I hardly save around $5 per month which doesn't justify me to get locked into a contract.

  • I find mercury always have good pricing, they offer free dollars from the app & Airpoints, would be good if you are Airpoints member

  • Contact have no fixed gas charge when bundled with electricity plan, that will save you $30ish a month.
    Haven't done the full math on the power charge/gas rate though

    Only available for natural gas customers in the North Island.
    Just done the math, bloody expensive rates… double what I'm currently on.. might not suit, probably aimed at really low use users

    Electricity rates
    35.63c/kWh & $1.788/day
    Your piped gas rates

    • Wow! I am with Contact currently, and I pay around 17c + GST per kWh inc EAL (call it 20c / kWh inc GST) in Auckland (location will definitely matter)

      I have been meaning to look around as I am not locked in now, which I will still do, but looks like I'm getting a good rate already maybe.


      • They have cheaper rate plans, but they remove the fixed charge and bump up the usage rate to compensate. So would only be worth it if you are really low user to remove $30 worth of fixed rate.

    • I'm with contact for both power and gas, I still get charged daily fixed price for both plans..I'm based in Wellington

      • Check their website under gas and power plans.
        There is a new one with no fixed gas charge.

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