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$5 off $50 Spend; 30% off Selected Pots & Pans; 25% off Bodywash & Soap Bars; 10% off All Hair Colour @ The Warehouse App


New round of The Warehouse MClub offers. Available in The Warehouse app.Thanks to TheDealMan for spotting these deals.

Free shipping codes here

  • $5 off $50 spend
  • 10% off all hair colour (bundle deals)
  • 15% boys & girls footwear
  • 25% off body wash & soap bars (bundle deals)
  • 30% off selected pots & pans

How to get these codes:

  • Downoad The Warehouse app and login/register.
  • You should now see a MarketClub banner on your home screen, just follow the prompts to join.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app.


  • Offers can be used in any The Warehouse store and in The Warehouse app.
  • You can use this in conjunction with Farmlands, The Purple Visa Card, The Warehouse Money Card and Christmas Club Card. Marketclub cannot be used with BizRewards.

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  • I logged into another account of mine that didn't have 'giveit' and the banner doesn't appear for me in the app.

    • Interesting…. Either they haven't tested this at all and it should be there, or someone ticked the box to make it live before they should have, or they wanted to use the existing MClub/Giveit members to test it and make sure it's working as it was.

      • Working now. Banner appears for new account.

  • And codes still can't be used on the website.

  • +2

    FYI there are multiple deals where Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price is stacking up on The Warehouse:
    Picnic Blankets
    Beach Towels
    Homestay Candles and Home Fragrance
    Cushion and Throws
    Outdoor Cushion, Benchpad, and Ottoman
    Organic Ribbed Bath and Hand Towel
    Metal Ovenware
    Traditional Stemware

    Got some good picnic blankets for $12.50 each ($25 for 2), Original price is $20 each.

  • Good deal . Got some steel pans and cast iron skillet + discount .
    I am moving away from non stick coating

    • +1

      yup after seeing those videos about pfas, fricken corpos

    • which ones are good - any recommendations?

      • A few people on here have recommended the Arcosteel range @ The Warehouse.

        Pretty good for the price.

        • I didn't get Arcosteel I wanted the encapsulated pans from living and co and a large cast iron skillet which Kmart does not have
          I got Kmart cast iron skillet excellent for 15 $ and there steel pots for 12 $ extremely good for the price

      • Stonehenge. Amazing non-stick frypans.

        • +1

          I think the point of discussion was to move away from non stick :P

          • @Huntakillaz: Exactly 😂

          • @Huntakillaz: It's non-stick, but free from PFOA etc. What else do I call a pan that doesn't have food stuck to its surface when I cook?

            • @sunshinenz: We can make cast iron / carbon steel pots wok and skillet etc non stick by seasoning ,

              For stainless steel you have to make sure you have heated the pan well and tested it with drops of water and see if they bleed like mercury . You can also do spot seasoning method for stainless steel before cooking . You can YouTube it

              Still the above is not as incredible non stick as a coating but still it's good enough and you can get use to it and all of the above last very long to even entire life .

              Stainless is used by all chefs and for hospitality cooking . It's easy to clean them can also use dishwasher and last very long and safe for Human use .

              For people who are moving towards vegan diet or vegetarian cast iron provide s some iron leaching in food which is cooked

      • I suggest Kmart steel pots honestly they all are very good imo , Arcosteel seems far superior which is available at the warehouse but I have personally not used it , but the fit and finish is Excellent . They are lot more expensive then Kmart but with this deal you get 30% off

        I got steel pans living and co from the warehouse which has al incapsulation for better uniform heating but just pain steel will also be good imo .

        If you want to learn about seasoning cast iron is also very good available 30 cm skillet from the warehouse and 26 cm at Kmart for 15 $ are very good .

        Cooking in cast iron is different and involves some learning
        So does steel but they are lot easier to clean and light weight and very safe imo compared to non stick

        • Thanks very much!

  • Bought a bunch of Protex soap bars. They worked out to 75c apiece once you factor in the bundle deal + the 25%-off voucher. Nothing amazing, but still cheaper than what they usually go for.

  • Has anyone who is a new member to MClub @ The Warehouse being able to use the $5 sign-up offer? My brother can't get it to go.

    • It showed up by default when you install there app and use there app + sign in , it does not give discount when you use a regular browser .

      • Don't quite understand. The $5 off $5.01 spend offer is showing for my brother in The Warehouse app (as he is a new member), but the discount isn't being applied when he goes to checkout.

        • Strange the app has inbuilt chart support at there left hamburger menu , may be try that ,

  • Is there a way to connect an already existing Market account?

  • Don't shop much on Warehouse online. Is this typical Warehouse weirdness?

    This frypan https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/living-co-classic-frypan-re... seems to be in stock in most of NZ according to the app. But for some reason not available for click and collect only online. But the black model is https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/living-co-classic-frypan-bl... click and collectable

    • Yeah that is a bit of an odd one. Could also talk to the online chat team to see if it's a listing error?

      • Tried that, they've sent it to the online team, probably won't be fixed before the deal ends so I think I'll just get the black since don't really care much.

        Could just use the free shipping, not desperate to get items I'm ordering fast. But don't mind visiting my local store for click and collect and it seems to have items I want in stock so might as well not contribute to the courier/NZ Post madness.

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