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$7 Voucher for 3 Free Suckies Yoghurt @ Kidspot


Fill in the form receive an e-voucher to the value of $7 which you can redeem for 3 The Collective Suckies yoghurt purchases of your choice from participating supermarkets.

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    I had to download a whole other browser just to get the advertorial part of the webpage to load. This labour shall only make the reward sweeter as I consume three servings of chidren's food. What have I become? I no longer know where Cheapies ends and I begin.

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      Free is free, fam

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      the lengths people go to for a suckie…

    • same here, look like you had to login beforehand, so i tried chrome.

    • @Slogan you haven't hit rock bottom yet.

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      UPDATE: yay, I got the coupon 25 days later. Personal best/worst

  • Thanks for posting OP!

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    Did anyone get the voucher yet?

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      lol, no

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      Nope…hook line and sinker :D

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        OP here, neither… Really testing our patience

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          This reminds me of that free catfood sample i never received.

    • Become a reviewer
      Weโ€™re giving 100 members with kids aged 1 to 10 years old the chance to trial and review Suckies.

      To register your interest as a reviewer*, scroll to the bottom of this page and add a new comment, telling us how old your child is and why you would like to try this product.

      Each selected reviewer will receive: A $7 e-voucher to redeem 3x Suckies pouches of their choice.

      *By registering for this product trial, you agree to the terms and conditions. Please note that comments, images, or videos provided by reviewers may be used by The Collective on their website and social media channels to promote the product.

      Please note
      If you are selected to trial, the voucher will be emailed to you.

      Don't think it's coming. OP didn't post all details.

      You can contact Kidspot for media enquiries, advertising or website issues/ideas โ€“
      0800 543 776
      [email protected]

      I've asked for them to remove my submitted information

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        That looks like a separate link for reviewers. The page I have linked has this note:

        Register for some free Suckies!
        Complete the form below to receive an e-voucher to the value of $7 which you can redeem for 3 Suckies of your choice from participating supermarkets*.

        Register now as availability is limited to 3,000 vouchers. One per household please.

        • Subject to availability
        • Confusing.. would have expected an automated email by now.
          Fingers crossed as I need that yogurt

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    Are we supposed to get the voucher in a email?

  • Checked details and it says they send an evoucher

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    I feel like a suckie ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜”

  • I just got my suckie voucher. I am in for a treat this afternoon!

  • Just got my voucher too! I really thought this was a have - so glad it wasnโ€™t๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Got mine too, cant wait to try it haha. Thanks OP

  • Can't believe I got my voucher. What a plot twist!

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