Smoov Scape Master $69.95 (Was $119.95) @ Smoov


Also, sign up fist to receive an additional %10 off first order.

Depilation has never been so much fun!

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  • Smooth deal!

    • 😂😂😂😂does it work the shaft

  • Anybody used these?

    Do the prevent cutting the ball skin?

    • +2

      Asking the important questions. We need answers on this.

      And is it better / worse than The Weed Whacker from Manscaped?

      • +3

        Manscaped line is trash, dont even consider it

    • Phillips Oneblade - works well.

  • +8

    Looks like it's owned by the same bloke who has selling Aliexpress massage guns for $200 and calling them his own creation (Myomend).

    Some discussion on it at Geekzone

    "Donkers also owns companies selling turmeric face cream Bera and testicle shaver Smoov. After RNZ inquiries, Donkers said he was unsure whether the shaver's charger plug was compliant with New Zealand standards and that he would need to check with his supplier."

    • Excellent sleuthing, thanks for sharing that!

    • +1

      yep, they found the product hes importing

      • Is alibaba website legit? Price is too good to be true.

        • +2

          you've never heard of alibaba? Its for buying bulk, heres the consumer version

          now you can realize what a rip off all the products you see on Facebook are

          • @Kendo: I thought alibaba is only for asian countries and usa. So if in case I’ll buy the shaver (1 pc) in alibaba it’ll cost me 20$ + SF right? That’s a good deal

            • @cambridge: its about 30, showing USD there.

              • @Kendo: Would you prefer alibaba or aliexpress?

                • @cambridge: alibaba is for companies and bulk buying, I use aliexpress

                  • @Kendo: yeap what kendo said.
                    otherwise they are the same company.

                  • @Kendo: Thanks man! Appreciate your response. Will check Ali now

  • -1

    Can't think of anything worse. Shaving once would mean you're destined to shave every day for the rest of your life, or endure an excruciating prickly itch down there until the hair grows out again and the ends thin out…

    No deal. I'm keepin' my curlies.

  • Oh no! I bought one what should I do?

  • Just man up and do them with an epilator.

  • I personally just pluck all of mine until I get a rush of blood to the head.

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