33% off Sitewide at Manuka Doctor


33% off sitewide on your next order at Manuka Doctor

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  • Good stuff. Works for items already discounted too

  • Just some brief price comparisons, was looking for some honey as I'm running low.
    I'm not sure if this post is a great deal or not, as I'm only looking under the Manuka Honey section.
    E.g. just comparing to New World in Auckland (out West), for the "MGO 100+ Monofloral Manuka Honey 500g", after discounts, the site sells for $33.50, New World for $15.99.
    For the "MGO 250+ Monofloral Manuka Honey 250g", the site sells for $26.80, New World for $19.99. The other MGO options and container sizes also all work out cheaper at New World.
    Direct comparisons for yourselves here:

    Unless you want it shipped to your place for convenience, then sure. However, orders under $100 incur a $7.50 shipping fee.