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Apple AirPods Max Wireless Noise-Cancelling over Ear Headphones $845 (Was $928) + Shipping @ Mighty Ape


Great price i would say, and plus all colors.

Too expensive for me, i am happy with Airpods Pro, compact and good.

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  • How do they rate against the Sony WH100XM4 and the Bose 700s? These ones are atleast twice costly than the Sonys and Boses

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      I read a review and basically they are very close across each feature. Where one is a bit weaker, the other is slightly better and vice versa [I.e. Sony's mic is weaker, but has better charging], otherwise they are similar.

      The main difference is the price, the Apple is $777-845 whereas the Sony is around $350-400.

      I own the Sony and love it, it's amazing value addition to my life at $400 [preordered at $405 shipped], but I'd be scared of paying $800 for it.

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        With Apple products, one got to pay the Apple privilege tax.

        • That's what I'm saying, they are comparable headsets, but one is around double the price i.e. the rest is apple 'tax'

          If you're willing to pay that tax, go ahead, but the compatibility difference is probably not that large [Whereas obviously a Samsung phone/watch etc. doesn't do well], - its a headset. Although I'm sure that'll change.

  • Pricespy shows Expert Infotech has the lowest price $776.99. Might be able to get NL to price match?

    • They don’t price match then guys from my experience. Might get lucky though

  • I seriously got to buy Apple shares.

  • Way overpriced compare with other Apple products

    • All Apple products are overpriced :)

  • Keep in mind that this thing is heavy LOL, cos your money are invested in the metal frame across your head

  • This is really an Apple tax….

    I simply cannot justify paying twice as much over the Sony one ….

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