[Unobtainable] Get First Covid Vaccine This Weekend, Send Proof via Email, Get Chocolate Fish @ SevenSharp

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"I can confirm what you heard on @SevenSharp is true. I will send every person who has their first Covid vaccine this weekend a chocolate fish. Send proof of vaccine and details to [email protected]," she posted on Twitter last week.

I literally have no idea what category this goes under, so have put in groceries.

Deal was posted after offer had expired as per Tweet

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    Knew I should have delayed my jabs. Could've got all kinds of free stuff. Burgers, Pak n Save vouchers, chocolate fish…

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      Saw someone post on social media a few days ago that they got $200 gift cards at Vodafone Events Centre for getting vaccinated…

      • I saw the same on Reddit.

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    I'm sure a chocolate fish will make all those anti-vaxxers reevaluate their life choices.

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    Get your jab. It's free. As a member of the Cheapies community you should do your duty and take up all free offers, especially those that stop you and others dying.

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    damnit already got 2 jabs

    Well there is always the booster shot.

  • As a service to humanity, one should get a jab unless they have a health complications identified by health care provider and have a letter to prove the same. Even if you decide not to get a shot we still love you as a human. I am pretty curious to know how successful has been the chocolate fish campaign.

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    not as exciting as a $150 + $50 voucher

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    With friends and family overseas, we hear first hand accounts of family friends and some relatives dying. We honestly do not realise nor appreciate how lucky we are here in NZ. We cannot take it for granted that Covid will not devastate us… all it tales is 30 more patients in need of ICU treatment than we have in ICU beds, for NZ to suffer the same fate. In other words PLEASE, get vaccinated

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    I thought it was last weekend? She tweeted this last Friday and then on Monday for the proof to be sent in by midnight

    • Yes you are correct.
      The article is a recap of what Hilary mentioned last week.
      I can see why the OP posted this - it’s today’s article so you would assume it’s meaning this weekend but just a little confusing in that it references last weeks comments.
      The offer has now closed.

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    It's weird how grown adults will perform like trained seals for a $1 piece of candy. With the cost of shipping you could have just sent out $5 food vouchers to the people povvo enough to jump at this kind of thing. And we all know that more concentrated sugar is the last thing they need.

    • Farmers are dishing out free boxes of veges - if you attend BT's lockdown protest go figure

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      What I find frustrating is for the next thing we need to get vaccinated for more people will likely hold off until the incentives start coming in.

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        Of course - that would be the entirely rational thing to do, at least unless and until someone believes that the risk to them exceeds the benefits they can gain by holding off getting vaccinated.

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          Exactly, by then it could be too late