Free Packet of Vegetable Seeds Delivered from Yates


Yates are giving away free seeds.

1 x randomly selected packet of Yates Vegetable seeds, with a retail value of between $3.98 and $5.98.

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  • "seed will be sent to you once Auckland is in lockdown level 2 "

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      So some time next year then

  • FYI you HAVE to sign up to their email newsletter to get this deal.

    • yea i noticed this "SIGN ME UP TO RECEIVE YATES GARDEN CLUB"
      so i used my spam email account.

  • Thanks op

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    If only mods could win deal of the month prizes 😄

  • They also take know of your IP address too

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    In case any of you missed it (I did), there's the expectation that you'll give back to the community in return for the seeds.