Free Click and Collect at New World Supermarkets All October (Usually $5)


No code needed. No minimum spend as far as I can tell. $1 bag fee applies.

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New World


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    If you accept the $1 bag fee in lieu of your time (fairly sure most people will value their time above that - certainly most people that ever purchase fast-food me included <shame>), pretty much no point in going into the store?

    Combine with the $20 off $150 voucher, and / or picking only items that are cheaper than at other stores (Countdown and PNS for example) should be a clear win. You could go join the queues at PNS, buy stuff there, and stop off at NW on your way home to collect the cheaper stuff, and you might still be out your door, and back home again in less time, and with more cash left in your pocket!


  • Wow $5.00 charge so somebody can pick your groceries for you . Foodstuffs you're always looking after the hard working Kiwi's of this country . What's next you'll be charging people a fee if they want to jump the queue at the checkout just like the airlines do to pick your own seat . Guess gotta pay for the Foodstuffs senior managements annual bonus somehow .

    • Paknsave is the same, it charges 6 dollars i think, no matter how much you spent

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      Just out of interest, what do you all think a fair amount to charge to pick your shop would be?

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        I think $5 but waived on $50+ spend like at Countdown is quite fair. In a way Countdown has replaced cashiers with personal shoppers. My local Countdown only has 1-2 manned counters, I think it's the way to go.

        I think New World really needs to stop having 2 staff at each checkout; unnecessary cost.

        • I agree.

          My issue is that I almost never get to (say) $50 at NW, since their prices are gnerally higher than Countdown and PNS, so I only shop at NW when I can get things cheaper.

          I guess based on that, the (usual) $5 charge is fair.


      • I think it depends on how much shopper is spending, if less than certain amount, then charging 5 dollars for picking is very fair, however nowadays people tend to spend hundreds on weekly shop, it shall provide sufficient margin for the supermarket to provide this service, and it does not necessary mean supermarket needs additional staff as i guess the people work at the check out could help with picking the goods given less people shop in store?
        Countdown waves pick up charge for 50+ spend.

  • Hardly a deal, considering countdown already provide something similar(min spend $50).

  • Thanks OP! Just placed the order!