Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder $92.65 Delivered


Bodum Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder.

Normally $194.90, reduced to $102.95

Use voucher code BODUM_10 to get an additional 10% discount, bringing the price down to $92.65 delivered.

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    It's a reasonable price for an entry level burr grinder. Just don't expect the world from it as the grinder itself is stainless steel blades on plastic:

    But regardless it will be an upgrade from one of those spinning spice grinders, or buying preground coffee.

    If you want to upgrade from there, or buy something better in the first place, you want a ceramic blades, then steel only. Plastic is a last resort.

    Usually if they obfuscate the material in the blades it's probably at least partially plastic, like this one.

    Levels for an electric grinder:
    - Preground coffee or a spinning blade grinder (both are bad)
    - Plastic Conical Burr (this one)
    - Stainless Steel only Conical Burr
    - Ceramic Conical Burr

    You can also get ceramic manual burr grinders that will produce good grinds, but you have to manually work it.

    • That’s great to know, thanks! New to the whole grinding biz, been fascinated by how slight changes in the grind coarseness affects so much of the final product.

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      If it don't go BURR then it ain't right!

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    Very tempted to pair this with the Delonghi ecp33.21 that was on sale in the Delonghi deal yesterday for about this price. We are just sticking preground coffee through an aeropress at the moment and feel like at minimum a basic grinder would improve our coffee but the pressurised filter in the Delonghi is putting me off that particular machine, still baby steps in to playing more with coffee, I think for our current use case this grinder would help make it better as reviews seem to suggest it's main downfall is coarser grinds for French press, which is word as bodum are mostly known for selling French presses.

    • If you're on a budget, consider also the Kogan/Dick Smith machine It's pretty much the same as the $99 Kmart machine (now sold out) that beat many machines worth thousands of dollars

      • I'm in no rush, we do have a Nespresso as well but rarely use it since getting the aeropress as we tend to prefer longer drinks and not overly milky. I can wait for a good offer on a better machine down the line.

        Was very tempted by the deal I saw on ozbargain for a delter press, rhinoware hand grinder and bag of coffee for about $60. But if I was mainly getting it for the grinder this seems a better shout.

        • If you want a good grinder then I would recommend the Timemore C2 hand grinder. It uses a bearing in the shaft which makes the grinding incredibly smooth compared other hand grinders. Looks like most stores in NZ are sold out but you can buy from Amazon or even Ali Express (this is the cheaper option and you can get a 5% cashback with Cashrewards).

          I have this grinder and use it with my Aeropress. Absolutely love it.

  • Ended up grabbing this and just got delivered. Seems decent enough for the price. General reviews say it doesn't go fine enough for a good espresso machine but for our use it will be good enough. Now got to go buy some beans and drink the rest of the pre ground I'm the cupboard, will be doing a taste test at some point with the same coffees to see if we actually notice the difference or if it's $90 wasted on our pallettes.