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LED Smart Ambient Lighting Kit Wi-Fi RGBWW $48.25 Shipped @ Specialized Lighting Concepts


Intro offer $20 off RRP $68.25 NZD
Applied in Cart, price after discount $48.25 NZD gst inclusive
all online orders are Freight free NZ wide

Philips Hue sells a similar product for a single light bar for $120+

Feel free to contact me here or through the website for any extra info

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    What WiFi chip do these use?
    Can they work with ESPHome for full local control instead of tuya?

  • It looks like you can get 2-light kits of the same brand on AliExpress for $63 delivered.

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      This is a 2 light kit. Ex stock in NZ

      • Pretty good deal then.

        • Cheers! Should've made it clearer. My bad

          • @Kdzc83: It doesn't say 2 on the website, well not that I found anyway

  • Been reasonably impressed with Tuya stuff, way more reliable than techlife - constantly needing to 'reboot' them. Ordered.

  • always want one like this, ordered!

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    ordered - cracker deal op.

  • This one won't colour changed to the music. Waste my money.

  • Discount doesn't work anymore. I thought this was supposed to work till october 3?

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      Adjusted the discount date, sorry for the inconvenience

      • All good.Thanks! I sent you a PM.

  • Bought these, arrived this morning, they are making us frikken' mad,

    Can't get the app to find the lamps…

    Have tried the TUYA branded version of the app also…

    Switched ON/OFF for over an hour, the app never 'finds' the lamps, lamps are 20-40cm from AirPort wi-fi AP, trying on iOS, channel is not hidden/private, we know the password etc

    Which light type do you select on the app, strip, ceiling, panel etc, none of the options are like in the heading here or on the purchase link etc ?

    Anyone got any hints on how to get them working ?

    EDIT: Invoice #000853 can you send SloWays back to collect please OP these are carefully repackaged again and await collection from the courier box at the front doorstep - (have not the energy, time nor ability for this item unfortunately, NZ Uni degrees x 3 did not equip either if us w/requisite skill to work this item.

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      Connect your phone to 2.4ghz wifi network

      Plug and unplug the lights repeatedly 4-5 times as quick as you can and they should start flashing white which is the pairing mode

      Go to app and click auto scan up top after clicking the plus button to add, rather than add manually.

      • Thanks Sir,

        Sounds like Tier 1 2D CS asking:

        'is the router connected to power?'