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[Switch] Monstrum $0.01 (Was $44.95) @ Nintendo E-Store


Almost a freebie!

Stranded on a derelict cargo ship, you find yourself hunted by one of Monstrum’s terrifying predators as you search for a way out. Death is death. Get killed in Monstrum and you'll be starting all over again. As each of them has their own strategy, abilities and weaknesses, you have to use your wits to outsmart your pursuer in the ship’s procedurally generated environment. Can you survive Monstrum?

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  • Is $0.01 the new free?

    • Probably a way to get around some divide by zero limitations in their systems…LOL

    • I got the Battlefield 2042 exclusive Xbox controller camo skin for $0.01 (pending release in Nov). Definitely considering that as free 😄

  • +1

    Thanks - really busted the wallet on this one.

  • Thanks. $0 with single gold point. :D

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