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£55 (~NZ$107) Cashback at Coinbase via TopCashBack UK + $36 USD(NZ$50) via Coinbase Earn


If you don't yet have a Coinbase account, the best way to sign up currently is through Topcashback: you'll get £50 when you sign up and make your first trade of any amount (no minimum). This is an infinitely better offer than using a Coinbase referral link to sign up - these require a £75 trade and you'd only get £7.50.

If you use a random referral link for Topcashback below, you get an extra £5 for earning £10 in cash back which you easily get through the Coinbase deal.
(If you don't see a red banner saying "You have been referred by "so and so's Tell-a-Friend link " the referral link wasn't a valid one).

In addition, once you've signed up to Coinbase, you can earn up to another $36USD (that's how much free crypto I have been rewarded for doing all the quizzes) for free just by doing some quizzes on Coinbase Earn, no spend needed. There's even a megathread with answers here:


  • Sign up to Topcashback.co.uk if you haven't already. Remember to use a random referral link below for the extra £5.
  • Switch off any ad blockers and tracking protection in your browser. I prefer to use another browser that I don't use such as Edge instead of disabling adblockers.
  • On Topcashback, search for Coinbase
  • Click Get Cashback Now, sign up for a Coinbase account, and verify your identity through their KYC process. Then make your first trade of any amount (minimum set by Coinbase is £2). To make sure your purchase tracks properly, do not sign out of Coinbase until you've traded.
  • Your purchase should track within 1-2 days, and it should then become payable (meaning they will pay out the £50) within several weeks. If your purchase doesn't track within a few days, do make sure to contact Topcashback support.
  • Once your Coinbase purchase becomes payable, you can withdraw your cashback to your bank account or Paypal, for free.

Some people are having issues with Coinbase locking their accounts for review randomly. Although I haven't had issues so far with them and it seems some of the complaints are due to user error, I suggest you only do the minimum amount trade required to fulfill the first trade requirement to get the cashback and the coinbase earn quizzes. If you want to get into crypto with large amounts of money you can use Binance, Swyftx, EasyCrypto, Independent reserve and move them to a hardware wallet or at least a software wallet like Exodus. If you want the lowest transaction fees to move your Coinbase earn crypto off Coinbase and your initial trade amount you can convert them to Tron (TRX) or Ripple (XRP) to send to another exchange.

Referral Links

Referral: random (21)

Referrer will receive £5-£15 credit after referee earns £5 cashback. Referee receives £2.50 after earning £5.

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  • By trade, what does it mean? Can't purchase crypto via coinbase in NZ, so just transferring some crypto into coinbase will do it?

    • What - is that true ? no crypto can be bought on coinbase from NZ!?

    • +1

      Some banks don't like crypto purchases so the card may be declined when you go to purchase on Coinbase. I use virtual cards from Wise (Transferwise) when that happens. You can actually make a bunch of new Visa or Mastercards on Wise instantly which is handy. In terms of trade, I am not sure what counts as a trade so it'll probably be safer if you could find a way to make a small purchase with another card as I at least know that it works doing that. Trade does sound like you could possibly transfer crypto to Coinbase and then use their trade feature to swap it to another coin but I'm not 100% sure.

      • Epic, just what I needed, been looking for a good virtual card supplier for a while. Hopefully I still get the cashback, signed up about 12hrs before I managed to get funds into the account. $10 worth of XLM traded to ripple should cover it, fingers crossed.

  • +1

    No, i bought some on Visa card worked fine for me

  • +1

    +1 Coinbase worked ok for me too with nz credit card. Waiting for topcashback to confirm

  • Any ideas for persons with a coinbase account already ?

    • Set up a burner email and used my old phone with another sim and got my Mum to sign up. Should work

      • with a burner how would you pass KYC verification if you already have a verified account tho

        • Basically just getting a family member to sign up, not breaking any rules there. Got my 50+20 pending and have already transferred my $45 crypto from coinbase out to my wallet. Might have to hit up some more family to sign up, free money was too easy.

          • +1

            @honza: Yeah fair enough, and just refer your family and friends. Btw how long did it take to track your cashback?

            • @apas023: 48 hours, going to get my sister to signup tomorrow :)

  • +1

    Transaction tracked, £20(referral)+£50(Coinbase) pending.
    Coinbase Earn & Learn was another ~ NZ$48.

  • Thanks for the post! great deal. I bought $5 of a random coin with credit card

    ~$146 nzd of cashback rewards got tracked within a day on topcashback, now pending

    Plus Coinbase earn ~$48 nzd worth of random cryptos. Converted each of them into one single coin, then withdrew it all (can send to easycrypto if you want it in nz bank account)

  • I just tried to sign up and my Coinbase account went to needing review. Will this affect my chances of getting the Cashback as I can't purchase anything until it's sorted. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Should be all good until unless they reject your application.

  • I get a no learn and earn, there is nothing there :/

    • Have you verified and
      transferred some money into the account?

      • Yep nada :(

        the links on my primary account have also disappeared maybe i missed out :( on the secondary account (created under a family member)

        • If you go into alerts tab, scroll till you find a learn and earn post, you can join the wait list to do them. After a couple days it’ll let you do them. Happened to my mate and this is how he sorted it

  • Thanks for the post!

    Confirmed that after about 3 weeks the payout was available in TopCashBack.
    Small catch, they only allow (for me anyway) UK bank account withdrawals for Coinbase cashback. Paypal/giftcards not avaliable.

    Easy workaround is using a virtual UK account in Wise, that worked fine and it was deposited within a few days of requesting withdrawal (~$145).

    • having this issue right now… ugh

      I have transferred out the referral bonus to PayPal, but is it free to make a wise account to transfer out to?

      • Free to make wise account and UK bank. I'm sure there's a small fee in there somewhere when withdrawing to NZ bank, but I couldn't notice any

        • Yep sweet got it sorted couple days ago. Now just waiting for the transfer to come through

  • I'm pretty sure the coinbase promo on TopCashRewards is still active, so the deal shouldn't be marked as expired!

    Is anyone else having issues with the cashback being stuck on 'pending'?

    • +1

      Hey man it can take a few weeks, also I think the cash back amount has been reduced now so if the post can be edited to the reduced amount I’m sure it can be listed as active again

      • It's gone down to £40 but you do get extra US$6 in Coinbase "Earn and Learn" since that deal was posted.

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