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Win a Share of $50000 @ Lotto NZ



Closing Date 07/10/2021


Description x1 $20,000; x1 Southern Lights Flight (two people); x1 $10000; x1 $3000; x1 $2000
No. of Prizes 5
Total Prize Pool $50,000.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Complete five different tasks to go into the draw to win a share of $50000. Full credit goes to geardropper who sent this to me.

To enter all five competitions:

  • Gav - enter password 1410 into computer
  • Chef - write a suggestion for restaurant name
  • Jess - click red fish on globe
  • Moose - collect the 11 stickers?

Main prize - grab key (on couch), unlock cupboard in kitchen, grab biscuits, place on plate.


Entry into New Zealand Lotteries Commission’s (“Lotto NZ”) Powerball Imagine Did They Win Promotion (“Promotion”) gives entrants (“Entrants”) the chance to enter up to five (5) Prize Draws (“Prize Draws”). These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to all five (5) Prize Draws.

The Promotion features the following Prize Draws and corresponding Prizes (“Prizes”) to be won:  

    1. Prize Draw One: One prize of $20,000 cash (“Grand Prize”) 

    2. Prize Draw Two: One prize of two (2) Business Premier seats on the Southern Lights Flight to see the Aurora Australis worth $15,000 (“Gavin’s Prize”) 

    3. Prize Draw Three: One prize of $10,000 cash (“Moose’s Prize”) 

    4. Prize Draw Four: One prize of $3,000 cash (“Jess’s Prize”) 

    5. Prize Draw Five: One prize of $2,000 cash (“Chef’s Prize”) 

The Promotion entry period runs from 12.00pm on Thursday 16 September 2021 and ends at 11:59pm on Thursday 7 October 2021 NZST, subject to clause 9. ("Promotion Period").

There are five (5) Prizes in total to be won and each Prize has a unique entry mechanism and condition to enter. Entrants are required to unlock each individual Prize using the relevant entry mechanism to be able to enter each individual Prize Draw. Entry mechanism will be provided via hints on the promotion website (“Website”).


To enter the Promotion an Entrant must: 

(a) be 18 years of age or older (and provide requested identification);

(b) visit the Website didtheywin.co.nz and unlock one or more of the five (5) Prizes; 

(c) once unlocked, enter their first name, last name, email address and phone number on the Website for one or more of the Prize Draws; and

(d) accept these Terms & Conditions.  

 Entrants may only enter each Prize Draw once (“Entry”) unless conditions are met under clause 9 for an additional Entry. Subject to clause 9, all duplicate Entries will be void. 

Entrants can only enter their details once they have unlocked the Prize. Each Entry into a Prize Draw will be confirmed by a pop-up message confirming that they have successfully entered the corresponding Prize Draw.  

Prize Draws can be entered in any order.  

An additional Entry (“Bonus Entry”) may be valid for the Grand Prize for eligible Entrants if the following additional conditions are met:

(a) received Bonus Entry email post entry into Grand Prize;

(b) must be new to MyLotto with no current or previous accounts associated with the Grand Prize entry email address; and

(c) complete the MyLotto account registration with a nominated bank account, in accordance with the MyLotto terms and conditions, by 11.59pm on the 11th of October 2021.  

Terms & Conditions

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  • +7

    Here's some more tips:
    * Globe is in the rightmost scene and in the top right corner.

    Location of 11 stickers:


    • Cushion.
    • Roof.
    • SECRETS of the ICE book on shelf.


    • Photo wall on top.
    • Left chair.
    • Fridge.


    • Bottom of whiteboard.
    • 4th folder down on shelf.

    Rightmost scene:

    • Microscope.
    • Brown archive boxes on left.
    • In pocket of red jacket.
    • What is the 'rightmost scene' ? I can only see three, with the computer being 'rightmost', but presumably I am missing something?



      • Jess computer area is the rightmost scene. You need to drag your way around with the mouse to get there (on PC)

        From left to right:
        Couch / bookshelf area
        Empty plate
        Gav desk
        Jess desk

      • There are 2 scenes with a computer. The "Computer" scene above is the one that is sort of top right, whereas the "Rightmost scene" is far right (the one with the red jacket on the chair)

        • Got it - thanks!

  • +2

    Thanks for this, I enjoyed this competition!

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing, was a fun competition. It would make my wife's decade to be on that Southern Lights flight!

  • So much fun! Thanks for sharing! Had a blast! 😊

  • +1


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