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Xbox Series X 1TB Console $799 @ The Warehouse


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225 in stock and dropping quick good luck getting one

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  • use app get $10 off $100

    Free shipping FDREF26473

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      Good on u mate, giveit-twl-spend100get10-JWUE didnt work, so i only used free shipping code and quickly pulled the trigger

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    Thanks got one, used the $10 voucher, $5 voucher and then free shipping :D , They have lasted a while , on this run.

  • Why do they get sold out so soon? Sorry I'm living under a rock here as far as consoles are concerned.

    • People buying em to resell for double the price on TM

      • The Xbox is tanking on Trademe, a few guys got lucky on the first drop, but lots just sitting there, for around $1000 , and still not selling. The PS5 is a lot more popular for sure.

        • 14 have sold in the last 48 hours for: 1090, 1150, 1050, 1049, 1200, 1170, 1160, 1220, 1044, 1100, 1100, 1099, 1000, 1200.

          It is a better buying situation than PS5's with $500 markup, I thought they would have cooled down too.

          • @Dunno: They'll probably stay hot till after Christmas given the predicted supply chain issues for the holiday season

    • Larger demand than last gen with lockdowns etc globally and chip shortages(so lower production than expected/not easily scaled up). Oddly NZ seems to be going pretty well with Xbox and PS5 drops compared to Australia where it's way harder to get your hands on them.

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    Got one for my homie thanks

  • Did anybody get order confirmation email from warehouse yet??

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      not yet, I just ordered one now, the website kept saying it was in stock then out of stock then in ect, after the third time trying to pay it went though but probably sold out, time will tell.

    • Yeah I haven't got one and I went through the process fine. It even shows as an order in the app, so not sure what the deal is. Perhaps they are just double checking people haven't bought more than two.

      • I ordered something else this morning and didn't receive an email confirmation, must be having issues sending them out.

        • TW has had that issue for ages, hit and miss for order/shipping emails,

          You should be able to see the latest order status or tracking number via the app

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      I secured one at lunchtime when they were oscillating in and out of stock. I didn't receive a confirmation of order after payment but at 18:36 I did receive a confirmation of shipping.

    • I received the confirmation of order at 09:43.

      • yeah same but it looks like it's just saying you have placed the order not that you will actually get it, order status on website still says "open" not sure what that means.

        • I received the emails out of sequence. I placed my order at lunchtime and received the confirmation of shipping at dinnertime. Tracking results confirmed pickup in Auckland which is where they normally ship from. There's likely delays getting back up to speed out of Auckland given yesterday was first day at Level 3. Gaming consoles are nonessential items so they couldn't ship any during Level 4. When some of the country dropped to Level 3 they started shipping nonessential items outside of Auckland across the whole country. You can imagine they must have diverted stock coming into the country to outside of Auckland to enable its shipping. And shipped what stock was already outside of Auckland from locations not setup for shipping because the main distribution and population centre is Auckland. What a logistical nightmare!

      • Me too yay, so excited to try xbox for the 1st time

        • So happy to have any Xbox but especially an Xbox Series X.

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    Thanks just ordered one too! I literally spammed the add to cart button in the app and eventually I was able to successfully buy it. Hope it comes through!

  • There were originally 225 in stock and then later on there were about 20 more released. Limited stock until next year now. These comments are from one of the twitter user who works at TW

    • "Yes. Some order are making it through but still 290 units" was a comment the insider made at 12:16.

  • I got ps5 and managed to get xbox today. This is my 1st ever xbox. Is it true that game pass gives u much more than what ps plus gives? My mate told me u get new fifa need for speed ufc etc for free on xbox. Is it true??

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      Definitely get gamepass for it (ultimate includes Xbox live and gamepass for Pc too, and EA play)

      Assuming it still works - you should try and get gold or regular gamepass for up to 36 months, then upgrade to ultimate for $1 (if you’re already signed up for ultimate, then convert regular gamepass or gold you get something like 40% of the time credited instead of 100%)

      Forza horizon 5 will be day one on gamepass, and halo as the big games coming up (and deathloop will be after the year of exclusivity is up, but I don’t know if I can wait that long to play it!)

      Edit - you get 10 hours trial of the new EA games, and they all enter the vault when you can play them with no limit eventually (you can google when games normally enter the vault - Sport games being yearly will give you an idea of when to expect them - I always buy on disc to trade in as soon as they hit the vault)

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        it still works btw

    • Simple answer: Yes.

    • I'd be happy to get one of the new gen consoles, let alone both…

      • You should be able to secure a PlayStation 5 DISC Edition without much difficulty the first week of each month at The Warehouse. Get a Twitter account and follow with notifications @NZRestockAlerts as mentioned above. Get any discount and free shipping coupons applied to your shopping cart ahead of time. Have your credit card and shipping address setup on your account ahead of time. Add the PS5 in this link (https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/s/twl/product/R2695122.html) to your Wishlist so you're not wasting time searching. Make sure your available credit is sufficient to pay for purchase.

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      Definitely worth getting, if you can use a VPN you can get 3 years for about $150 depending on exchange rates and availability of Xbox live gold 12 month codes.


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      An alternative to stacking the maximum of three years and forgoing the free months. Wait for Microsoft to offer 3 Months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1. Buy and redeem 2 × 12 Months Xbox Live Gold. Make sure recurring billing is turned off before redeeming each Xbox Live Gold subscription so you're offered one month for free for turning it back on. Buy 1 Month Xbox Game Pass for PC for $1. Buy 3 Months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1. For the cost of 2 × 12 Months Xbox Live Gold + 2 × $1 you'll receive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 30 = 12 + 1 + 12 + 1 + 1 + 3 Months!


    • You can also share your subscription or library of games with a friend or family member. For example, I made my brother-in-law's console my home Xbox and sign-in to my console as if I'm visiting a friend.


  • Anyone heard anything from TW yet? any orders cancelled?

    • I think it's extremely low chances of that happening unless you have ordered one under the same account already. They don't oversell.

  • Anyone want to sell me one? Lol…

    • According to the Noel Leeming app there's 7 units in stock at Te Rapa in Hamilton. Whether they're really there or available for sale is the real question. Worth a try at the very least given your chances elsewhere.

      • How do you see that on the app?

        • Sorry meant to reply see below.

          • @Peter Wyngarde: I cant see series x on webpage or app

            • @Devolution: The Warehouse Group of companies have a tendency to hide and unhide products based on its stock availability. I added the XSX to my Wishlist earlier this year when it was in stock. I can't add a unit to my shopping cart but I can check stock at stores around the country. Normally there's no stock showing at any store across the country. I don't know how to share the link to the product page because the normal link is missing. A few days ago they were showing 9 units in stock.

  • Xbox Series X product page or available stock at stores?

  • Anyone else's xbox order listed as 'on backorder' on their order page ?

    • mine just says "open" and I got an email this morning acknowledging the order but it doesn't actually say I will get it.

      • Yeah mine says that on the warehouse order webpage, if i click on the order it says 'AWAITING_STOCK' but on the app it says on backorder

        • ah I see, sorry mate, mine says "IN_PROGRESS" better luck next time?

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            @lNomNoml: Hopefully it's just something to do with selecting click and collect instead of delivery, will just have to wait and see

            • @Ytrewq: yeah hoping so too

            • @Ytrewq: Mine is click and collect too.
              But mine says "IN_PROGRESS" on the website and "Processing" on the app

        • Mine on the app is Processing and the email says delivers in 3-7 business days?

          • @BananaMeadow: must be a backlog with recent events, the petty stuff i have ordered have the same wait times.

    • Mine has been picked up by courier for delivery

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        Same! i'm so excited

      • ETA for delivery was today but hasn't progressed from arriving at airport at 07:46.

        • Collected from sender airport oaks 5:10

          Estimated delivery: 28/9/2021

          • @offroad: I misread your first comment as onboard for delivery! That's really slow for intracity delivery. Two parcels were delivered by DHL this afternoon from Hong Kong. Placed the order at 05:00 on Tuesday.

            • @Peter Wyngarde: DHL delivered my iPhone 13 Pro Max this morning 🥳🥳🥳

              • @saxasianguy: Nice! Did you get the 1TB? I had a similar excellent experience ordering from Apple in March. Ordered on Tuesday evening and delivered on Friday afternoon.

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              @Peter Wyngarde: Im hoping it gets delivered tomorrow. Dhl is pretty good, last sunday i ordered some stuff from lovisa Australia and was delivered to me by Tuesday by dhl

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                @offroad: Fingers crossed we both get a Saturday delivery.

                • @Peter Wyngarde: I went cheapie and got the 128gb model.

                  It said DHL but a guy in a NZPost shirt came and delivered it LOL

                  • @saxasianguy: I did the same thing with iPad Air in March. The giftee had already paid extra for larger storage with iPhone 12 in January.

                    I can't remember what the DHL guy was wearing. Though he arrived in yellow van with DHL branding. I guess that's partly why NZ Post changed colours when they rebranded.

              • @offroad: Today 10:52 Delivered

  • I didn’t order it from my app but i got the email this morning saying:

    Here is the summary of your order, please check the details.

    You will receive an email when your items have been processed and are on their way.

  • 30+ instock

    sold out in 4min