Zip Coupon to Use on Hyperdrive

Anyone know any active coupon for Zip I can use on Hyperdrive to purchase a tyre for my car? Seem like the price of the tyre have hike quite a lots, so that would really help

Please recommend if you have better place to book a tyre and fitting or payment method that could get some discount for ordering around $190? Cheers!

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  • I always just shop around all the local tyre places - there must have been at least twenty within fifteen mins of us last time I looked.

    After getting the first couple of replies, it was obvious that many would say, 'Come back to us if you get a better quote and we'll see what we can do", so from there on, I told them up front when first asking for a quote that I would go back to them if they weren't the lowest, but in the best three.

    If you aren't in Auckland, then that may not be an option though.


  • Hyper's website is very good where they actually display the price of their tyres. I find it is quite hard to shop around for tyre prices as a lot of shops don't make that info public. I used to email to get quotes to compare but it seems now thats not possible and shops require you to call in to get a price.

    My process is, get tyre price from Hyper for your base price, see if Tony's tyre service can beat it with that beat it by $10 guarantee, a down side there is Tony's may not stock that particular brand of tyre.

    I used Hyper Drives service 2 months ago where they install the tyres at your house or place of work with their mobile van and that is a very good service!
    Bruce Gemmell Tyre Power in Glen Innes are pretty good, they're normally able to match the price and they got pretty good service with a nice waiting room and a coffee machine. I went there for a wheel alignment

    • Some places do try to avoid doing it by email (they think that if they put it in writing, someone else will beat them), so when I email places, and they reply without a quote, then I either just eliminate them, or reply to say I won't be calling, and its their call if they want to be in with a chance or not - no point in mucking around :-)

      Tony's say they will always beat a quote, but as you note, they often won't if they don't stock it.