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Free $10 Tip Top Voucher to First 1000 Participants @ Get The Scoop


Sign up you and your friend to have a kōrero.
The first 1000 participants will get a $10 Tip Top voucher.
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    *First 500

    after 500 everyone's in a draw for bottomless cone

    Starts 6am 27/06/2021

    • "The first 500 kōrero (chats) booked will unlock a $10 voucher (“Ice Cream Voucher”) for each of the participants." so it kinda is 1000

    • Yeah that's a bit misleading

    • "first 500 kōrero (chat) booked for 2 people online" , if my mafs is correct that's 1000 participants.

      • While true, its more 500 vouchers for you & friend rather than 1000 for you & randoms

        Marketing will always take the highest number, but you being the 501-1000 entry will not be happy.
        So just setting correct expectation.

    • So it has started? Or is it 27/09/2021?

  • I'm confused do u even have to do this to get icecream or just sign up and be first 500

    • Well it's sounds like you don't actually have to do the chat as the send the voucher 24 hours after you create a booking, the idea is you talk and eat icecream apparently.
      An Ice Cream Voucher will be sent to each of the participants within 24 hours after the korero booking has been made. A voucher will be sent to each participant’s email addresses (as supplied in the booking application).
      Each voucher will be valid for 1 month from the date it is issued for the participants to have a kōrero (chat) over Tip Top ice cream during mental health awareness week from 27 September to 3rd October.

      • Dam if it is first 500 will get emailed…it will be well over for the $10

  • It doesn't start until next Monday - I'm assuming early entries won't count?

  • +2

    Signed up and got the calendar invite but no $10 voucher. I'm not hopeful but I'll keep an eye out in spam folder

  • 24hrs I think it said if you were

  • +1

    Has anyone actually received a voucher? I got an email calendar invite, but no voucher.

    • +4

      I received one about 20min ago

      • +4

        Just got mine

      • Would that happen to be 24 hours after you first registered your details? Just saw on this thread that it gets send 24 hours after you put your name down so just wondering if that's the case or not.

    • I haven't got mine

  • Those that got there's did you do it when u seen this post?

  • I was the fourth click on this post but haven't received mine

  • Got mine. It's valid until Oct 3 2022 which is great.

  • Just got mine, signed up last night so not 24hours yet.
    Same 03/10/22 expiry date

    • what time did you sign up?

      • 10pm

        • +1

          Strange, I signed up at the same time and haven't received mine yet.

          • @SO422: Mine arrived about an hour ago, i signed up at 6.04pm last night

  • Cheers OP. Just got my voucher.

  • +1

    Cheers op, got mine too

  • +1

    I was like, damn I didn't get one. And then the email popped into my inbox. Cheers OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Got 1x voucher

  • +2

    My kōrero buddy didn't get a voucher. Did anyone else's get one?

    • +1

      Same with me.
      I got a voucher but my buddy didn’t.
      Also, one of my kids entered too and got a voucher but nothing for their buddy.

      Still, $10 is enough for icecream so can’t complain.

      • +1

        same here, i got one, none for my buddy.

    • Update: My buddy received one finally

    1. The first 500 kōrero (chats) booked will unlock a $10 voucher (“Ice Cream Voucher”) for each of the participants…….surely it's on the way for the other half just not sent yet?
    • hopefully emailing the first half, then they will get onto the second half

  • The voucher for my buddy has just arrived - so I now have the two vouchers.
    Just took a bit longer for them to send out the second one.

  • Got my $10 voucher after signing up maybe 3 hours after posting? waiting to see if buddy gets one

  • Signed up and received invite 17:29 on 20/09/2021. But received no voucher, based on comments here, the allocation of the 500 might have had more to do than just being the first bookings? Maybe you needed to click on the link? Or book your invite time early on the Monday?

    • Don't think there was anything wrong with your timing.
      I signed up later than you did on the 20/9/21.
      My voucher was in the 'Junk' box though so double check there.
      I did book my invite time to be early on the Monday but wouldn't imagine that should affect when they sent them out.

      • +1

        Yeah shouldn't have an effect at all I think. My kōrero time is on October 3.

    • +1

      Yea me too. I signed up around similar time as you and never received the voucher. Maybe we were too early? :(

    • +1

      I made my booking at around 16:50 on 20/09/2021. Haven't received anything either.

    • +1

      I made my booking 16:29 20/09, my buddy received their voucher yesterday, I haven't had anything

  • My friend hasn't received the voucher yet. Anyone?

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      Just email them, I had the same issue, and my friend emailed and got their voucher

      • Nice, thanks nachos. I will give it a try

  • Its the barcode on all the coupons the same?

    • yes they are on mine

      • Ending in 204396?

        • +1


    • The barcodes will all be the same.
      I presume that’s just to scan up for a discounted Tip Top product.
      It’s the unique ID code on each voucher that differs.

  • What can u scan the barcode?confused what your trying to workout here

  • +2

    I won a bottomless cone!!

    • Well done! Your local dentist is also happy!

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