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Purple Visa Card - $55 Establishment Fee Waiver + $20 Bonus Purple Dollars ($55 Annual Fee)


Dunno who would find this handy but xmas coming up and getting 12months interest free on purchases over $300 is handy I guess

Apply for a Purple Visa Card before 30 September 2021 and you won't pay the $55 establishment fee plus you'll get $20 Purple Dollars to spend in-store or online towards your next purchase!* Hurry this offer must end 30 September 2021

Plus get 12 Months Interest Free on purchases over $300

Spend $300 or more in a single transaction on your Purple Visa Card and you'll automatically receive 12 Months Interest Free*. Applies to purchases until 30 June 2022.

Purple Dollars:


*Purple Visa Card Terms and Conditions, Promotion Terms and Conditions, 12 MIF Terms and Conditions (If applicable) and Purple Visa Card Rates and Fees apply, including a one-off $55 establishment fee (if applicable) and $55 annual fee. The 12 Month Interest Free promotion is valid until 30 June 2022. For further information, visit purplevisa.co.nz. Prevailing interest rate (currently 22.90% p.a.) will apply at the expiry of the interest free period

Terms and Conditions
Promo Terms
12months interest free


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    can i just apply for the card and use the $20 purple dollar and cancel immediately? will i be charge any fee or early termination fee and etc?

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      That finesse tho haha

    • exactly what I had in mind too

    • There's a $55 annual fee. They are only waiving the establishment fee of $55 right?

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    Is there an annual fee?

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      You'd have to read the offer really, but I am inferring it is $55 pa and they are waiving the first year.

      • According to that post, they are only waiving $55 establishment fee so you will still have to pay $55 annual fee.

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          Which is 'that post'?

          Regardless, you should read the actual terms and conditions from the provider to be sure.

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          Hi jimpappa, I have received the same email about 2 weeks ago, and from that email, it doesn't say $55 is waived, only waived the $55 establishment fee, you best to check with provider before applying.

  • Ooops added all the links for the terms and stuff, have a read through.

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    Always a little warey of credit card deals. For someone that is more in the know, do applications negatively effect your credit score?

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      I believe yes it has effect to your credit score. I applied for pre-approval and one condition is to payout and my close WM card

  • I signed up using the code.
    My card has arrived and the account activated.

    I have been charged the $55 establishment fee and I haven't received any purple dollars.

    I'll call them on Monday to find out why.

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      That sucks, but keep us informed.

      • After 58 minutes on hold I finally got an answer.
        They said it can take up to 30 business days for the $55 establishment fee to be removed and 20 purple dollars to be applied.