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First Season of G1 Transformers Free on YouTube @ Hasbro Pulse


First Season of G1 Transformers Free on YouTube at Hasbro Pulse.

First time G1 Transformers has been able to be viewed for free in high quality.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

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    Awesome! Gonna be forcing the kids to watch these with me

    • +1

      I think you speak for all dads on this one

  • +1

    African World Cup Qualifiers will be free soon too.

    "From 1-7 September 2021, FIFA on YouTube will be streaming the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 African Qualifiers as Round Two gets under way. "


  • Also, the only transformers movie that actually counts:
    Transformers The Movie 1986

    My 4 year old daughter's heart absolutely broke when Optimus died.
    Having recently watched this through adult eyes, I didn't realise the Autobots were constantly getting their asses handed to them in the movie, absolutely beaten down.

    • +1

      Run Blaster, save yourself… No way, two can play! Netflix has a good doco that explains that the reason was to increase the toy sales by wiping out all the old characters.

      • First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside!
        The toys that made us. It's a goodie.

      • +1

        If only they knew they would be milking rereleases of the original characters for decades…

        • My re-release optimus in my bedroom shows just how much of a good idea it is to re-release them

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