This was posted 2 years 1 month 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Make an Initial Deposit of NZ$100 or More and Receive $35 Investment Credit @ Hatch


For a limited time, sign up with Hatch and make an initial deposit of $100 NZD or more and you’ll receive a $35 NZD top-up on us! Start making your money work harder with Hatch.

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Referrers and Referees get $10 NZD after referee signs up and makes an initial deposit of $100 or more

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  • Does this work with referral?

    • did you test if it works with referral? keen to know also

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      if you sign up through a referral link it tells you that you'll only get $10 for a $100 deposit instead of $35. So better to just sign up without.

  • I was thinking of opening an account for my kid, would it be better opening an account using this offer or going through a kids account?

    A kids account has 0.50cent fee for buying up to 50shares and is added benefit to manage the account using my personal hatch account but not difficult to have a completely separate account.

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    How do you go about claiming this? I have just signed up but didn't see any mention of it. Do you just have to deposit the $100 and it applies?

    • You should see a message saying telling you to deposit $100 to get $35 like the attached link.

      • Yeah I don't see anything like that. I asked on the Facebook page and it looks like you had to click the link there, which I didn't.

  • Thanks for posting, I will certainly join and take advantage of it, but there is fee $1.5 which will be deducted from first deposit for filing US tax, would receive $33.50 after that.

    • Just note that the $1.50 fee is USD, plus there is a 0.5% exchange fee to exchange your currency to USD and another to exchange it back to NZD when you want to withdraw it. You'll still end up positive but you won't get the full $35.

      • Hi Monyet, I didn't any messages on the main page saying to deposit NZD 100, and receive NZD 35 ? where do you see that message ? I have just emailed Hatch, they will add NZD 35 for me thanks, and would you have any US shares possible to make good invest ?

        • I had the message on my main screen when you log in, under portfolio I think. As for shares to invest in.. your pick is as good as mine haha.

        • | any US shares possible to make good invest ?

          Gamestop, AMC or anything recommended on /r/wallstreetbets :) :)

          • @felixfurtak: I am trying to ask around which to buy, and no luck getting any feedback… I am not familiar with US shares too

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              @budget: Current law certainly does not encourage people to impart with financial advice on a public forum or otherwise unless licensed. Search YouTube with NZ share broker and platform names such as the one under discussion in this forum. You are likely to find a few videos from an NZ perspective on US (and other) shares where the private experience and opinion is expressed (for entertainment purposes, etc) of that particular Youtuber. If you need real advice then a licensed financial advisor is the way to go but it can be costly.

  • Is there a special link you have to use when signing up for this? The FB post mentions there is in the comments but I don't see it anywhere


      In step 5, it gives you a link to sign up. Pretty sure this should work. If it doesn't seem to work you can always contact [email protected]

      • Hmm the link is just doesn't seem specific to that promo

        I'll try anyway, and email them if it doesn't work

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            @SilverLining: Both links in original post were referral links, good for OP but a little sneaky. I'm going to message them on Monday to see if I can switch to the $35, I don't see there being too much of an issue.

            • @honza: Same here, I feel like I just got catfished by "Jocelyn"… Quite rude. I wouldn't have bothered signing up for 10 bucks…

              • @manuka: I'll see how I go tomorrow, I'll report back. If we can't get the $35 then it's shady af.

                • +1

                  @honza: Support is pretty bad, must be getting some traffic with this offer. Took like 4 hours on their chat portal, got the same response via email too.

                  "Absolutely, we’ll top-up your first deposit by $35 - as long as you make sure it’s $100 NZD or more. Because you’re already signed up, we’ll have to do it manually - so once you’ve deposited $100, flick us an email and let us know you’ve made your first investment!"

                  "The offer will close on 2 September 2021, so get cracking!"

              • @manuka: Ended up getting the $10 and $35, am in the process of withdrawing the whole 100 usd I ended up with. Worked out well for everyone, easiest $40 I've earned in a while.

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    Does anyone know if you can sign up, get the bonus and then just withdraw straight away?

    • I'm going to try. Probably wont get an answer before the promo is over though.

    • I did it and withdrew ASAP. Made $30. Money landed today.

  • Is Hatch overall cheaper/better option than its counterpart Sharesies? Curious to hear opinions and experiences. Thanks

      • Thanks for the article. That covers all I needed to know. The fact the neither Sharesies or Hatch have an App (like, seriously no App? ) Is a deal breaker for me at the moment. I was expecting something more like Robinhood.

        • +1

          The Hatch website (on Android anyways) allows you to add a shortcut to your phone and which kind of become an "app" effectively.
          Agree buying and selling won't be as easy as Robinhood.
          Stake is more for frequent trading so an App similar to Robinhood is a must.
          Hatch is more for medium and longer term, so a few more stops to buy and sell is okay for me.

          So it depends if you plan on frequent trading or a handful of transactions per month.

          To day trade on Stake, you need to pay USD9/month to use unsettled fund for day trading.

  • do they still have that silly $15 fee per trade

    updated: looks like it's $3 now

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    Compared to Sharesies, it seems to take a much longer time to get funds into your account.

    With Sharesies I'd do a bank transfer and have the NZD in my account within an hour or two most of the time. If I wanted to convert those NZD to USD I could do it instantly.

    With Hatch it's taken 4 hours for them to receive my bank transfer and send me an email saying they've received my money and are now exchanging it to USD. 3 hours later and it's not done yet. They do state on their website it takes up to two days which I find quite crazy. Hopefully it doesn't take 2 days and I'll actually have the USD in my account to purchase shares when the US markets open tonight.

    • When I top up Hatch it doesn't show until the next day. They just announced within the last couple of days though that they have sped this up, and it will be rolled out to customers in waves.

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      With Hatch, if you deposit money before 1pm (NZ Time), you will get money in your account in the first 1 hour or so of the US market Open (around 2am NZ Time)

  • Has anyone received $35 yet? If so, how long it took after deposit was processed?


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      Update: I emailed support and received below response

      Thanks for getting in touch. It looks like the link hasn't saved to your account.

      Not to worry! I've gone and added the $35 NZD top up to your account now. This will be exchanged into USD and should reach your Hatch account in a couple of working days 😀.

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        Are you going to invest it? or just take the $35 and run? I'm waiting on mine and wonder if you have to invest before you can withdraw.

        • Will invest for sure. Will try my luck. Just not sure what to invest in, as Not willing to put in more currently.

          Edit: It is already being converted to USD and all rates and everything applied. So why not invest.

  • First time investors here, is it normal that buying shares takes so long to process? Like a day to deposit and another day to actually buy an order. By the time the order is put through the market has changed. $3 buy fee each time also seems expensive. Possibly a fee to withdraw too.

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