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Hi everyone
Just wondering if anyone knows or can recommend a free and safe you tube convertor to use please?
Thank you : )

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  • The tube for water or electrical cabling?

  • No, not for water or electrical cabling. Sorry, I mean YouTube, the online video sharing and uploading platform. I have some interesting videos on my watch list but would like to convert them to mp3 so I can listen to them on my cellphone offline.

    • Just messing around abit sorry πŸ˜€ I recommend using those web browser add-ons or plugins, dependant on which browser you're using. Choose one with favourable reviews πŸ‘

      • 🀣 I thought that was an odd thing to say!
        Thanks for your help : )

  • I Googled YouTube converters and it comes up with a few but I'm not sure which one is trustworthy to use as some may have viruses when you download it

  • I didn't realize people still do this ..

    • Probably only me, I'm old school : )

    • +1

      I do, it's a good way to get kids audio books, and one off songs they like like Lola - The Kinks, to play in the car. Lots of Dr Seuss on YouTube.

  • I have some interesting videos on my watch list but would like to convert them to mp3 so I can listen to them on my cellphone offline.

    The free, safe and legal way to get videos offline on your phone is to get Youtube Premium or Youtube music. The former being more expensive, the latter being cheaper

    Then install the Youtube Music app from

    Search for music on your app, but you can search videos too and download them as audio files (video is excluded so you don't have to worry about file size)

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      Ah I see. Thanks very much : )

      • Set your country to India or Venezuela, then YouTube Premium becomes very cheap :)

        • πŸ˜ƒthank you!

        • How do you do that? I set the country to India but seem like the price is same?

          • @Geoffgo: I suspect you would need to be identified as access the site from India (so you'd need to use a VPN with an end-point in that country), plus your account would need to be 'Indian' (easiest might be to setup a new account).

            Maybe also go to (or whatever domain / structure they use there).

            Hope that helps,


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    Just add pp after the youtube and before the .com at the youtube video address you want to download.

    • Thank you ! Great ideas everyone.
      Thanks so much for your time in responding !

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    You can try Tubemate app on your phone. It is free ( The catch is it will display some ads, not that annoying though. To convert the youtube video to mp3 you need to find the video in youtube app and click share and from the list select tubemate. Once it opens in Tubemate, you can click the red download button to either download the video itself in chosen resolution or choose to download the mp3. For the latter, Tubemate needs video mp3 converter app. In summary, if you have both of these apps you can download any video or convert it to mp3.

    • You're a gem! Thank you!!

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    I use It does the job, gives mp3 and other options. There's some popups, run it with Adblock Plus enabled on Chrome.

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    For a desktop use youtube-dl

    It's a command line tool, works perfectly

    • This is by far and away the best option - works really well, and you can use it for lots more than just YouTube, plus a significant advantage of being command-line rather than GUI.

      I suspect you can get a GUI overlay for it if you dig around if you really want the overhead and complication.


  • Love you guys, thanks a bunch !!!

  • ,,………..this type of thing is what I live for…….I have y2mate then add a button to homescreen it does videos and mp3s

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    Internet Download Manager (not free, but really good tool and speeds up your downloading dramatically by using parallel threads and other techniques), youtube-dl (you need Python for that if I recall), as well as tons of Firefox & Chrome extensions.

    I mean, just Google, literally dozens, if not hundreds of solutions out there…..

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