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Catan 5th Ed. $53.99, Cities and Knights Expansion $77 @ TheBoardGamer ($101.10 Delivered with Price Match @ The Warehouse)


Original Coupon Deal

Ok, so there are a couple of things involved here.

1.Pricebeat both Catan + Cities and Knights with the links below:

Cities & Knights $77
Catan $53.99

2.Apply existing Warehouse coupons for 10% off toys, $5 off $50, & Free Shipping

3.Pay with Warehouse Money - this brings the price down to $96.04 for both games delivered, otherwise it's $101.10 delivered.

For reference, Cities & Knights is generally $80, with the lowest being $72. Catan base game is usually around $60.

Codes below:
Free Shipping: FDREF02917
$5 off $50: giveit-twl-5off50-YSKS
10% off toys: giveit-twl-10offtoys-OSDN

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    Love cities and knights so much. You can be so cruel and deceiving in this game its hilarious. It definitely involves a lot of sabotage and alliances (and backstabbing)


      Yeah! Cities and Knights became the standard game for me; a lot more depth than regular Settlers / Catan. One of the best gateway games into board gaming.


    Can anyone give a review on Catan? Hear about this a lot and its referred to as a classic, but not sure if our group would be into it


      It's a decent game, but it's kinda old (1995) and has been surpassed by more modern games. The winner in Catan is often set in stone at the initial setup and it leans too heavily on luck. The trading aspect is fun but as mentioned other games have surpassed it in this category too.

      Only issue is most of the newer better games aren't available at places like the Warehouse etc yet.


    Great deal thanks, I just bought them


    awesome game. It's been nicknamed the divorce game with the people i play it with

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    You can also stack this with the $10 Zip coupon

    I got Cities & Knights for $47

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      Nice, I keep forgetting to setup Zip.
      That's a steal at that price for C&K!


    They wouldn't price beat for me, because they said there's already a 10% discount on it.

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      They can see what is in your cart to apply the new price…Did you have it in the cart at full price (with no discounted codes?) After they price beat then you apply the code.


        Ah yeah i did… OK, i'll try it again under a new account