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Free Burger + Other Daily Freebies @ Gorilla Burger Wellington


Starting Monday 19th of July, for 6 days
Camera Scan the QR codes on Gorilla Burger posters around Welly CBD

Day 1: Donuts

Day 2: Free Fries (GB-Scan223)

Day 3: Halloumi Nuggets

Day 4: Free Hot Wings (GB-Scan167)

Day 5: Free Jungle Fries (GB-Scan883)

Day 6: FREE BURGER!!!! WOOP WOOP (GB-Scan367)


All Codes Expire 12/08/2021

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    Can someone post the QR code image. Without it this is useless


      Updated with QR Code :D

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    @huntakillaz thank you for the code!
    Managed to get the free burger code today.

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      i think the code is reuseable too


        Yeah they say 1 per customer but unless they have a database they add you too i guess you just reuse it. I tried on the wife's phone and the code was the same
        I didnt get any other others during the week

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          oh interesting its the same code

          I'll put the ones i have up then

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          Other's are up, don't forget to upvote :)

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    Looks like they changed it so it's minimum spend $15 to get a free burger!


      Aww :(


        And it seems like the other codes are now BOGOF



      I'm sure there were a fair few people getting more than one. Slightly confused why they think people ordering without scanning means they were necessarily ordering more than one though. If it's just a code you get from their website after scanning, putting aside it being shared here it seems likely it would be shared among friends and family etc. Some may share the QR code, some may just share the ordering code. Likewise some ordering more than one likely did scan at least once especially if they weren't sure if there would be a new coupon.


    Anyone got the code for halloumi nuggs?