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Select Head & Shoulders, Pantene Hair Care Double Discount; Pantene Ultimate 10 375ml, 2 for $7.50 ($6 via Pricebeat PNS) @ TWH


Two promotions working simultaneously, giving us a decent discount. Works best if you buy the same product twice.


Buy 1 get 1 HALF PRICE Pantene Range
Buy 1 get 1 HALF PRICE Head and Shoulders Range
PE2 : Pantene and Head & Shoulders Range

Shampoo / Conditioner

H&S Dry Scalp Shampoo 660ml
H&S Ultramen Deep Clean 2-in-1
H&S Clean & Balanced Shampoo
Pantene Ultimate 10 Shampoo
Pantene Ultimate 10 Conditioner

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Cheapest price at the moment for the Pantene Ultimate 10 Hair Care is $4.49 at both New World & Pak'nSave now $3.99 @ Pak'nSave. $6.99 @ Chemist Warehouse.

Pricebeat update

Pricebeat Pantene 10 with PNS
$3.99 - 10% ($0.39) = $3.60
x2 = $7.20
TWH bonus discount $1.20
= $6 for two. $12.15 for four.

Your pricebeat experience may vary.

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    Looks like chemist warehouse have the slight variant 620mL on special wowee $7!



      nice find! Bugger it's not the same size. Could have price matched.

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        Funnily enough I just noticed the H&S at Chemist Warehouse yesterday since I normally buy them when they go down to $10 at Countdown and was checking the price as it was Sunday and they had already removed the stickers.

        Anyway the pricing is not surprising. H&S recently (about 2 months ago maybe) changed their large size bottles from 620ml to 660ml with new packaging etc. The Warehouse website has the new bottles. That Chemist Warehouse link is the old ones. You can also find the new ones see e.g. https://www.chemistwarehouse.co.nz/buy/107609/head-shoulders... but these are $15.99.

        So it seems clear the 620ml is technically a clearance price even if the Chemist Warehouse website doesn't make this clear. You can see bench's link is online only (no stores seem to have stock). This one https://www.chemistwarehouse.co.nz/buy/86927/head-shoulders-... says in store only but no stock seems to have stock.

        Countdown were also clearing their bottles except they started off I think even above the $10 price they semi regularly go to, then went to $10 which is the price they semi regularly go to (and yes the new bottles have been at that price). I think they've finally gone below $10 although it will probably depend on store and many will be mostly out of stock. (My local store only had conditioner.)

        Even if you can find stock at a Countdown on clearance for below $10 and putting aside the fact they're different sizes and bottles meaning the price match will be denied, it IMO still wouldn't be worth trying to price match at The Warehouse since clearance prices are another thing they can refuse to match. Just buy the clearance bottles from Countdown or Chemist Warehouse.


          Interesting points yes. I just ended up stocking up on the 620mL dry scalp I linked above. Very good price at $7.99 inc delivery each.


    I did this with Oral-B Pro Health Advanced Gum Care toothpaste (they also have Whitening and the mint one, unfortunately Warehouse doesn't have the all round one) about 1 week ago in store and was successful. Since it's explicitly and understandably something they can deny under their rules, I wouldn't ask about the half price thing. Instead just buy 2 (or 4 or whatever) and ask for a price match. If they don't notice or don't care, because of the way the price match works in reducing the price of the item, it will probably work.


    Thanks! But I can't seem to find the pantene on PNS website at the $3.99? The price could have changed?

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      Unlike Countdown, Pak'n'save prices often vary from store to store, so the OP must have selected a different one. Westgate, Lincoln Road, Botany and Glen Innes has it for $3.99. Sylvia Park are $4.49. Mt Albert and Royal Oak don't have stock of the link I checked.




    The 900ml will be little cheaper in terms of money per ml if you don't mind a bigger bottle.


      Do you have a link to the 900ml mate?


          Out of curiously, how do you reckon it works out better in terms of $ per ml? I'm guessing you mean without pricebeat.

          900ml x 2 = $19.50 = 1800ml

          375ml x 2 (via pricebeat) = $6 = 750ml
          x3 = $19? = 2250ml


            @Wakrak: Sorry, this is just for the 900ml Pantene range by the way.

            Calculation for 900ml

            Sylvia park PNS sells 900ml pantenes for $8.99

            8.99 * .9 = 8.091 would be warehouse's price after 10% price beat.

            Discount on second bottle will be (8.091 * .5) = 4.0455

            8.091 x 2 = 16.182 - 4.0455 = $12.1365 would be for two 900ml bottles.

            12.1365 / 1800 = 0.0067425 cents per ml or 0.0067425 * 200 = $1.3485 per 200ml.

            Calculation for 375ml

            I couldn't find any PNS that sells the 375ml pantenes for less than $3.99 so I assume that's the lowest price we can find in the country.

            3.99 * .9 = 3.591 would be warehouse's price after 10% price beat.

            Discount on second bottle will be (3.591 * .5) = 1.7955

            3.591 x 2 = 7.182 - 1.7955 = $5.3865 would be for two 900ml bottles.

            5.3865 / 750 = 0.007182 cents per ml or 0.007182 * 200 = $1.4364 per 200ml.


              @ross: Beaut thanks for that. I should have checked PNS prices outside of Hamilton. Only two here but price can vary greatly.