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Free Car Valuation @ Trade Me


Free Car Valuation at Trade Me.

Enter your Rego plate and approximate Kms and the system will give you a valuation.

A handy tool to have for either selling or buying a car.

How do we value cars?
Taking prices from over 3,000 car dealers and 150,000 private sellers we’ve got the data to help you value your car. We take information from a variety of sources and work out a price range based on your car’s specific model even down to the variant, so you know that we are comparing the same type of cars with similar mileage.

The market moves quickly so we update our data daily to ensure it reflects the sort of price you could expect to get right now.

We understand that all cars come with slightly different features and in different conditions which is why we bring back a range to help you decide where your car best fits.

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  • Neat. Have phoned up AA (as a member) to get a similar valuation (and check whether it is worthwhile getting mechanical insurance) when buying or selling a car.

  • +1

    I tried to get an API developer key from trade me about 3 years ago to do exactly this.

    The rejected it, guess they were wanting to work on this themselves.

  • Good idea to get your current car valued if you're looking to buy a new (first time registrered in nz) car in the next few years as non ev cars gonna go up a bit in price.


    • You think non ev used cars will go up in price?

      • not intially, 5-10yrs laters yea, as ppl move to ev there will be excess of non ev cars and price would drop for the first few yrs for used. General supply and demand

  • The tool must be broken, it said my car was $10k less then it should be.

  • Trademe values my car at approx 30% of what they sell for, nice

  • So my car has appreciated in value… Hmm…

  • Keep in mind that the tool does not account for upgrades and specs. Forninstance if you had duraseal paint protection applied they would not know about it

    • Reckon that increases the value? I have it on my car and feels like after a year its not the same as it used to be, not sure how long its meant to last. Dont buy the lifetime guarantee they talk about

  • Trademe has valued my car for 30% more than what my car is worth, weird

  • It seems very hit and miss…my wifes car, seemed about right, my car seemed a bit light, my old car (which is a high demand, low supply homologation model) is about a tenth of what it would likely go for…usual story; interesting for a look, but don't think its going to be perfect.

  • "based on 10 cars listed for sale in the last 6 months" so is that listed price or sale price? did they sell?
    I happened to be looking at the resale value of my car in the weekend, saw one a year older with double the KMs listed (by a dealer) at over $5k more than we paid new. The base model is now $40k vs $35k which is interesting, and good.

  • Hmm. If I increase the kms on my car, the price goes up. That's not great.

    • Seems like TM is valuing cars in a parallel universe.

  • 1999 White R34 GTR with 64000 original km's with nothing modded or messed with estimated 45k low 55k high, an estimate even ebgames would call cheap.

    • But the market in NZ is smaller. But in the US or AUS, yes it will sell for much more.

  • Didn't seem to work for my Corolla.
    "Sorry, we can't value this car"

  • Its a waste of time !

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