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Just Noodles 30x 65g/85g Packs $5 @ The Warehouse


Works out at 17c a packet which is not bad

Links below:

Just Noodles Instant Japanese Teriyaki Flavour Noodles 30 Pack

Just Noodles Instant Beef Flavour Noodles 30 Pack


Just Noodles Instant Original Ramen Flavour Noodles 30 Pack

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    These were $1.97, $2.97or $3.97 at some stores. Some of them taste rancid.

  • Haven't tasted them personally but the feed back on the last post these at $6.97 was pretty mixed

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    i love these well i like just about any food

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    The Teriyaki is bad I would not recommend it unless you use your own sauce. I tried everything with the Teriyaki sauce sachet, adding garlic, adding ginger, adding sugar, adding chili, adding another brand of Teriyaki sauce to dilute it, but nothing disguised whatever the hell they put in it to make it taste that way it does, it's truly one of the worst tasting flavors I've experienced, it's what I imagine wet cigarette butts lying in a gutter taste like.

    The Original Ramen flavor I liked a lot, but if you're like me and don't eat your noodles in a broth then you might find the flavor a bit overpowering if you're using it in a stirfry or something. I found half a sachet of the seasoning per pack of noodles was more than enough which worked out good because it meant I had heaps of them left over to use on the box of Teriyaki noodles I purchased with them.

    Never tried the beef flavor because it sounds boring.

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      Thank you for the detailed feed back and advise! Glad now I went for the Ramen one's :)

    • Are you the type to mix the seasoning after the water/broth is drained right at the end?

      • Yep, I normally use these types of noodles for stirfry meals so adding the flavor sachet at the end so I get the maximum flavor hit from it works best for me. I found with the Ramen flavor that if I used one sachet with one cake of noodles it was all good, 2 sachets with 2 cakes was borderline, and 3 with 3 was terribly overpowering. I ended up settling on using 1 sachet with 2 cakes whenever I cooked with them and that worked best for me. Other brands I use 1 to 1, but this brand doesn't have a very subtle flavor it's quite strong.

        • At my local stores, they always have plenty of ramen, a few teriyaki and none of the beef left. It's so strange, because yeah, the teriyaki one is like shit, looks the part also lol. Keen to try the beef if I see a box for sale.

  • Thank you, couldn't find this through the market… I noticed recently that The Warehouse has taken off the sale items off the market for some reason…

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      They have been doing this for a while, ie. take products off physical stores and sell online only, both TWH and WHS

      • Thank you do you know the reason behind doing so, to avoid payments on cash back through The Market ?

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