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Close to Buy 1 Get 1 Fragrances @ TheWarehouse (YMMV)


TheWarehouse is running Buy 1 Get 1 HALF PRICE on Fragrances.

Currently 2 promotions are overlapping
Buy 1 get 1 HALF PRICE Fragrances Offer ends 31/07/2021

Buy 1 get 1 HALF PRICE Fragrances Offer ends 22/06/2021

Supposedly both offers are being applied in the Cart, which comes out close to Buy 1 Get 1 after coupons

For Eg.
Calvin Klein Obsession Men EDT 125ml for $49
Order summary

Subtotal $98.00
Discounts -$36.75

Total to pay $61.25
After Coupons $51.25

Order detail showing the discounts

Factor in $10 off $50


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    Ive tested it with 4 fragrances in my cart plus 10 kitkat blocks to make it over $100 to use the extra warehouse codes and now my total is $87.75 that includes 4 fragrances and 10 kitkat blocks so basically your paying for 1 fragrance and couple kitkat blocks and the rest are free.

    See screenshot below


    Codes i grabbed off another recent warehouse post, Thanks to original person who posted the codes:




    • I believe it's 2 fragrances you are paying for.

      • yes my bad too tired here been up since 6am not thinking right,

        Paying for 2 and couple kitkats and getting 2 fragrances free and couple kitkats free if my maths are right this time lol

        • Yup that's about right

    • hazelnut Kit Kat though, that’s crazy!

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    Incredible find! thank you very much!


  • Can anyone recommend one that I could grab for my mrs? Might then get 2 for me and 2 for her. Thanks for posting OP.

    • I've always like lancome miracle and Chloe, but it's down to personal preference really

  • Thanks, they didn't have the two I wanted available to buy online so I bought same priced ones from the same range and will swap them in store for the ones I want.

    • Do they allow you to swap when bought it with coupons?

      • Yes, worked for me when I bought assorted range toys using the giveit codes

        • I will give it a try. Though for assorted toys you don't have option to select which is not the case here. The perfume i like is not available online, will get similar ones and try it in store for a swap. If not easy to return them

      • Should do. I've done similar in the past several times.

        The Warehouse have the most generous return/exchange policy I've ever encountered. I've only been denied once (was sold a PS4 game with the DLC code missing) but I just went to another store and they sorted it out, no questions asked.

        • Update: so I did hit a snag with this. I leave this here as a warning to others.

          I ordered two different perfumes, with the intention to swap both of them for two others (identically priced) because the ones I wanted weren't available online, only in store. I successfully swapped one, then a week or so later tried to swap the other (I was hoping an out-of-stock perfume would be restocked, but I grew tired of waiting).

          Due to the double BOGOHF discount + giveit codes used, and the fact that I already swapped one perfrume earlier, they would not let me swap the second one for another the same price - they wanted me to pay the difference between the discounted price and the full price ($59 - $14 = $45). I had quite a heated argument with the manager and didn't get anywhere, so I'm just going to sell the extra bottle on trademe I guess, because I'm not getting gouged like that.

          Moral of the story: Straight exchanges may be denied when you are stacking discounts and giveits.

  • Anyone have solid recommendations for men that will work in the office. Tempted to get the 1 million but I heard its been reformulated and is more of a club scent. Cheers

    • That's a lot of fragrances

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just picked up a couple.

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