Free Joining Reward (TV, Vacuum, etc.) + $50 Credit on 24 Month ADSL/VDSL, 100/20 Speed Fibre, or Wireless Plans @ Trustpower


2021 Trustpower


PLUS get a $50 account credit when you sign up online!

When you join on an eligible power and broadband bundle for a 24 month term.

When you sign up for ADSL, VDSL, 100/20 speed fibre, or Wireless Broadband, you'll choose from…

*Samsung 43" Crystal UHD Smart TV

*Samsung Jet 90 Pet Stick Vac

*Samsung 7.5kg Front Loader

*Premium Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

When you sign up for FibreMax, you'll choose from…

*Samsung 43" Crystal UHD Smart TV

*Samsung 55" Crystal UHD TV

*Premium Samsung Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

*Samsung 7.5kg Front Loader

*Samsung 8.5kg AddWash Front Loader

*Samsung Jet 90 Pet Stick Vac

*Samsung 458L Fridge

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  • I remember a couple of Trustpower sales rep came door knocking about a year ago. They quickly went through some difficult to follow calculations saying I would save $1000+ over 24 months + a free appliance. I asked them to send me to send me the quote, and after calculating with the quote they provided, it was ~$800 more expensive for us over 24 months - i.e. about the price of the appliance.

  • Not a deal for me! The rate per kwH is extravagantly high that you'd be better off purchasing the "reward" yourselves rather than getting it "for free" via Trustpower.

  • Thank you for the insight CC Community, i just selected this provider but now ill be choosing someone else… any suggestions for Power/internet bundles? Cheers

    • Contact does a good power internet bundle starting from 59.99$ internet + power. Good to check up for deals suitable for you.

      • I joined Contact Energy a few months back on the same plan, plus took advantage of a $200 new customer bonus. Power prices were slightly cheaper, but will be saving alot on fibre.

        • Yup I've done the same too. $200 credit as a new customer, $64 fibre broadband (was hoping to get $59 - was that only for DSL?) and the power rate is not bad at all. Only thing is it took ages for their customer service to come back to me for anything i.e. still waiting for them to sort out my online portal access.

  • If you were a trust power user and live in the western Bay district of Tauranga, trust power used to be a good deal with a $450+ dividend per year. I have my phone's power and fibre connected with trust power which was a pretty good deal. But now trust power has been sold or taken over by a multinational and the trust itself is going to be wound up and probably given the trust is run by mad socialists it will give all the money to charity in some form or another for another photo op to further enhance their political careers.

  • Any deal with free item/appliance with a 6/12/24 months contract would normally be always equal or higher than the value of the item. This is not only true for this deal, but almost all including deals for mobiles(specifically iphones) as well. Upfront discount or discount on the rate is the way to go.

    I remember one of my colleague signing up with vodafone for iphone 8 for a 24mon contract. He ended up paying around $300 more on the cost of device over that period.

  • Fyi
    For the best deal (imo)

    2021 55' Samsung 4k UHD Crystal Clear (AU9000) RRP $2198 @ JB HiFi (4/05)
    T450 Soundbar RRP $400 @ JB Hifi (4/05)

    Total: $2300 approx

    Fibremax option $119 w/power* on 24 month plan
    Total: $2856

    *Power rates


    24 HOUR / PER KWH

  • Yeah no thanks, they just wrap the cost of the "free" gift into the cost of the service, and lock you in for 24 months to make sure you pay for it.

    • It's great for people who don't know how to use Broadband Compare or Powerswitch and love paying full retail for their home appliances because they hate sales.

      • Also for people who can't work out kWh numbers, daily rates or levies on their bill.

        • Also for people who just don't like money, or have too much money, or want to give as much money to large companies as they possibly can. I wish I had too much money to not care about saving money.

  • Their internet service is crap. Constant outages, low speeds, save yourself the hassle

  • The salesman from Trustpower talked to me on the phone almost 90 minutes! I said I will think about it…… I should said NO at the very first beginning to avoid this hardsale call.

  • Did you guys switch power company every 12 months like ISP? Can i use another person name in the household and a new email to get new sign up bonus?