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Unlimited Fibre $14 Per Week ($60.88) Per Month) No Contract, $25 Setup fee @ Flip


Unlimited Fibre $14 Per Week ($60.88) Per Month) at Flip.

Check your address on the website.

$25 set up fee.
No contract.
BYO modem.

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  • It's not 100/20 speed. Though no contract is nice

    • If you also don't care about speed or don't use heaps of data then skinny jump might be an option. Otherwise id say it's worth spending a bit more and getting the 6 month half price stuff fibre.

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        Been doing slingshot/orcon 6 months half price every 12 months. Both are same parent company and same modem so not much changes required when switching.

        • Nice I find the stuff referral good, had about 4 free months so overall price has been around $40 per month for one year for 950/500.

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            @nachos: I'm in my 2nd year with NOW and I pay $85/month for unlimited 900/400, maybe I should start doing their referral thing, I think it's $100 credit for both people. Time to start spamming family and friends…….

            While I'm here I might as well ask, how can I get NOW Internet added to the referral page on here?

            • @[Deactivated]: Yeah some of my referrals have come from cheapies so much appreciated, definitely just do 1 year contacts and switch (or signup as other member of household), alternatively you can get offers to stay but I just don’t bother with that.

              • @nachos: I usually change ISP's every 12 months as well, but when I checked Broadband compare at the time all the deals on there worked out around the same as paying $85/mo so I stayed. First ISP I've been with longer than 12 months since getting fiber back in 2015.

            • @[Deactivated]: is 85$ their retention rate?

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                @memske: I think the most I got offered was 2 months free to stay

              • @memske: Yep, it's the same as their current sign up deal for new customers.

          • @nachos: How did you get overall $40 per month for a year. I been paying $45/m for 6 months & $90/m for the rest of 6 months, plus $15 for modem delivery at the beginning. So it make it overall $69/m for a year for 950/500

            Anyone know where can I check when my contract will be end for stuff fibre? I can't seem to find it in my account?

            • @doubledippps: They got a few free months from the refer a friend program.

              • @[Deactivated]: Ah ok got it! 6 months half price + 4 free months so make it $40/month. Thats awesome

                • @doubledippps: Yeah pretty lucky. If we all use the cheapies stuff fibre referral system then good times!

                  • @nachos: Yea I applied thru cheapies referral link, and put my referral code there but I never score any yet

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                      @doubledippps: Ah sorry maybe check you referral code is still there, I think mine vanished at some point and I had to re-add.

          • @nachos: It comes 6 months 1/2 price. $62 per month

          • @nachos: How do you get this low price?

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              @hhan7: 6 months half price, 4 months free from referral only had to pay full price twice in the whole year.

              • @nachos: how do I add my referral links to cheapies?

              • @nachos: Does anyone know if the referral for Stuff fibre still gets 4 months free? Tried everything and best I can seem to get is 6 months half price ($40) on 12 month contract?

        • Mind sharing your experience how do you switch between that? What is the requirement?

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          can you switching between Orcon and Slingshot every 12 months ? I am with slingshot, benefit for me to know

          • @budget: Switching every 12 months with new contract means you can get a new deal which mostly i get is 12 months half price. Also both orcon n slingshot are owned by spark and have same modem. I have my own router so easy to switch between both as modem settings are almost same. But any other providers will be fine as well.

            • @ace310: No Slingshot and Orcon are Vocus not Spark. Flip is also Vocus BTW. But yes you can switch between them, or any other ISP and you still count as a new customer for the new customer deals, even if owned by the same company.

              • @Nil Einne: Thanks for the correction. Always I thought it was spark somehow.

              • @Nil Einne: I have been with slingshot > orcon > stuff fibre so far, if I switch back to Orcon with the same address and name am I consider a new customer?

                • @doubledippps: Also if I'm with stuff fibre now, if I use my wife name to sign up (same address) with stuff fibre, would that be a problem? Also do I have to change my payment card for every new sign up?

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                    @doubledippps: Just needs a different email to be a new customer, you probably can enter the same credit card but if she has her own then that would legitimize things more I guess. You will probably find when you join again after your wife account has done 12 months your email address you are using now won't be accepted as it will need a different email address to be a new customer.

                    • @nachos: Cheers mate that's very helpful my contract will come off end of next month!

    • Wow, I didn't know fibre was offered at speeds lower than those. This is like VDSL. Perfectly fine for basic users though; will be great for older people.

  • Hey OP, $14 a week is $60.88 a month. Still not bad for a cheap fibre connection (50 down, 10 up). Cheers

  • FYI,

    Only chorus areas it's fibre 50, other areas will be fibre 30

  • Im using My Republic 100/20 unlimited download with free static IP. Very stable and I am consistently getting max line speed even during peak hours. Only $65 a month

    • How did you get the static IP for free?

      • I argued that during signup over the phone (which I have a recording of), I specifically stated I do not want CGNAT and so they gave me a static IP for free afterwards.

        • And they didn't realise that they have an option they charge for so you don't have CGNAT? Wanna share that recording? Internet up for renewal, would definitely go with my republic if I can get $65 a month with static ip.

          • @taeken: I argued hard for like 30 mins. I also had some other issues at the time so maybe they gave me the static IP to shut me up.

            And my recording has my name and account number in it. Dont wanna share that.

    • cant find the 65 dollar plan. or did you factor in the promotions?

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        There was a $59 per month promotion for 12 months back in 2019 or 2018. I was on that plan and after the promotion expired, the price went up to $75 per month or something like that. I asked if they can do a special deal for me to keep me onboard, they offered $65 and I accepted.

        At the time, all other ISPs were offering 100/20 at higher price. Looking at the market now, I don't see any reason to change. A lot of people talk crap about My Republic. For me, I've been with almost every ISP out there and they are more or less the same. I've got good consistent speeds and I'm even using 2 powerlines at home and still getting max line speed everywhere, regardless if I'm on wifi or connected to my APs bridged via the powerline. I've got no downtimes and probably only ever had one or two issues in the past 3 years. Their support is OK but other than that, speed is consistent and it's good enough for my household that likes to stream TV shows, play online games, etc.

        • thanks

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    Econofibre will do 100/20, no contract for $65/m. Also they advertise their pricing in line with industry standard, rather than bullshit per weekly that tries to look like a significant reduction.


    • Thanks for the info on econofibre. That's a great price for broadband = $65/month. How long have been with them and the speeds you're getting is good?

      • I'm not, I'm with Stuff Fibre as they had a fixed price Static IP on a reasonable monthly for gigabit.

        If I swapped, I'd probably move onto a Business Gigabit plan with MyRepublic as they're priced on par with consumer plans but give you a static IP, with well priced options for more statics, and allow you to set a reverse DNS record.

        However you shouldn't really notice much variation in speeds on fibre regardless of whom it is, it's not like copper where distance to the gateway has a measurable effect.

        There's only like three real providers (Vocus, Vodafone and Spark from memory, there may be another, 2Degrees?) and the rest are all resellers of those three. If you're on a reseller company the price difference basically consists of two things, "What can they can away with charging you?" and support.

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          for wireless/broadband, yes they all buy from the 3. kogan is voda. warehouse mobile is 2deg, skinny is spark etc.

          but for fibre don't they all buy from chorus?

          chorus sells to them at:
          50mbps $42.50
          100mbps $46
          200mbps $55
          1000mbps $60

          prices from page 7 in their investors report.

          From October there will be a price hike.

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            @huffboy: I'm talking about the major routing gateways. Chorus manage the hardware side but the providers (some of them anyway, and others push through those) manage the software (routing, filtering, QoS) side.

            Some are better than others for different reasons, some have different requirements (eg VLAN10 on Vocus, which Spark doesn't need so I had to get a new router when I switched to Stuff), they apply shaping and whatever.

            Ah, the price increase explains why most providers are now generally more expensive for their base plans. I was wondering about that. But for the third level resellers they're basically just paying for support stuff.

  • Out of topic, did anyone switch power company every 12months? Can I use sign up with new customer every year by switching between my name and my wife name (same address and same power company)?

  • In order to maximize your saving with the switching, remember to inform you current ISP you want to terminate the service 1 month before your 12 months contract end, as you need 1 month notification to cancel your contract.

  • +2

    So, it may not be the best deal… But better than the deal itself is the conversation and everything we have come to learn about the best deals around.

    Great work team!!!

  • If you have Vodafone's cable network in your area (namely Welly and CHCH), they have an awesome deal at the moment for that service.
    900up/400down, for $62 a month indefinitely. If you have a mobile monthly plan with them, then its discounted to $52 a month. On signing up to 24 months, you can claim either $100, or get 2 mesh routers to use.

  • Thanks Cheapies. Was on a $70 a month plan previously with Slingshot (100/20) but that contract finished.

    Stuff Fibre $749.58 overall cost for a 12 month contract (6 months half price through refer-a-friend).
    Slingshot $839.40 overall cost ($69.95 a month offer they gave me over the phone) = $89.82 difference.

    Slingshot then offered a bonus $30 credit to bring it down to a $60 difference, and that was enough to keep me on board.

    • I'm going to come off the contract from Stuff Fibre, currently paying $90/m for 950/400.

      My deal was 6 months half price so I pay ($45x6) + ($90x6) = $810 for 12 months ($67.5/m) + extra $15 for modem delivery.

      Just notice Stuff Fibre have put the price up by $5 from Glimp, which make it $95/m with 6 months half price. Do you think once my 12 months contract end they will increase the price to $95/m?

      Found Slingshot 900/400 deal $100/m with 3 months free at Glimp.

      Seem like Stuff Fibre 6 month half price still a better deal? I am thinking to terminate mine once contract end and get my wife to sign up with her name to get another 6 month half price, do you think this is the best deal at the moment?

      • If you're signing up as a 'new' customer, then yeah I think you will get hit with the $5 increase. Could be wrong though.

        Is it the best deal at the moment? Unsure. I don't have any experience when it comes to deals for 900/400. If you get hit with the $5 increase and manage to get 6 months free, that'll make it $854.55? If there's still a modem fee then $869.55.

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