Pre Order: PikdroBox Parcel Delivery Mailbox $175 (Save 50%) @ Pikdro


Want to end parcel delivery headaches? Pikdrobox transforms in size to store online orders right outside your home. It’s secure, weather resistant, enables safe, contactless deliveries and is coming to New Zealand!
Order promotion now ongoing for early birds.
Pikdrobox, a transforming smart parcel box system that collects groceries, and online orders.
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  • +3 votes

    So how is the box secured to the ground? What's stopping a thief from just taking the entire thing?

    • Chain a rottweiler to it.

    • From the T&C you might have to subscribe to some sort of services to use this product, no mention of what it is on the website but i guess it might be like a electrionic key/tag that's given to all courier drivers and home owners? Maybe they haven't figured that out yet.

  • The couriers in my area would just leave the parcels sitting on top of it.

  • this is pretty silly. lol

  • Thei website doesn't seem to describe how it actually works. It's a collapsible box with security that operates by… magic?

    At any rate, even if it was easy as pie my courier would still chuck a Card To Call in my letterbox 90% of the time instead of taking the arduous journey of five metres from the street to my front door.

  • You glue this thing to the ground with "special adhesive"…has a digital lock and you need to give the code to the courier.
    also its $175 bucks
    450mm width x 450mm height x 700mm long.

    2.1 The objective of the Pre-Order offer is to provide us with the funding needed to launch production of the Product.
    5.1 You acknowledge and accept that production of the Product will not occur unless and until it is Fully Funded.
    5.2 If the Product is not Fully Funded on or before 31 October 2021, production will not take place, and you will be refunded the Purchase Price, less administration and refund charges, within 30 working days of that date.
    8.1 You acknowledge that you understand use of the Product requires you to subscribe to the Subscription Service offered by us and comply with the General Terms of Use, and that you may not be able to use the Product as intended without the Subscription Service.