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[XB1, XBS, XBX] Free - Metal Slug 3 (was $13.10) @ Microsoft Israel

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Stay in the Israel store to pick up Metal Slug 3 for free. Live Gold not required.

Thanks to dealbot and mydealz

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    I went through all store locations and came up with the following list of free games:

    United States
    - The Walking Dead
    - Dortios Crash Course
    - The Walking Dead: Season 2
    - Crackdown 2
    - Crackdown
    - Too Human
    - Hexic HD
    - Harms Way

    - Sensible World of Soccer

    - Stacking
    - Costume Quest
    - De Blob 2

    - Ikaruga
    - Metal Slug 3

    • Doritos Crash Course, both Crackdown games, Too Human & Hexic are also in the Free section of the NZ store.

      As far as I know Harms Way was never released in Australasia, just Europe, Asia and Nth America, tried downloading it and it said not available in my territory, will require a VPN and maybe a US address added onto your account to download which I couldn't be bothered with, multiplayer will probably be unplayable due to a lack of local players and no servers for Australasia, single player will still be playable but the game is really multiplayer focused from what I've seen.

      Pretty sure only the first episode of The Walking Dead games are free and you need to purchase the rest of the chapters, it's the same in the NZ store.

      The games from Japan (Stacking, Costume Quest & De Blob) are part of their Games with Gold and will require you to have an active Gold or GPU sub, they were free for us last month or the month before so Japan seem like their GwG are a bit out of sync with the rest of the world.

      Sensible Soccer is a good find thanks, I played that game hard out on my Megadrive back in the day.

    • How do you check your library I can’t understand this Microsoft website

      • Use a web browser and get it to translate the page for you.

        • I’m just lost on how to actually find my library. It’s quite confusing maybe because I’m on IOS

          • @Fantastic: Why do you need to check your library away from your console? If you're checking to see whether you already own the game it will tell you on the games page. If you want to see your library you'll need the Xbox mobile app, I have it for Android I'm guessing it's the same for iOS, once you link your MS account with the app you'll be able to view all your games by hitting the book icon down the bottom right of the screen.

            If that doesn't work you could try visiting https://account.microsoft.com/billing/orders/ through the browser on your phone, it will show your transaction history but won't show GwG monthly games only games you've paid for.

            • @[Deactivated]: Thanks I will try that app. I don’t own a Xbox or a computer I was just getting these games just in case I decide to get one in the future.

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