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Sony PlayStation 5 DIsc Console $819 @ Mighty Ape


Must be the disc version at this price, but doesn't state it anywhere on the website.

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  • Thank you very much for your sharing, but it seems that ZIP payment is not allowed for this product.

  • Sold out!

  • Got one for the flattie. Cheers

  • I gave up looking for the Zip payment option as it wouldn't show up in the checkout. Was anyone else able to use it?

    • That's my bad. I should've tested it myself to see whether it was applicable. I'm guessing consoles are an exclusion to the offer. Usually pops up next to credit card, poli etc in payment section of checkout.

  • At the warehouse they said zip had put a limit on the max you could spend in one purchase and I'm pretty sure it was $800 and the only reason why I remember this convo was because I said well that's dumb, the ps5 disc version is over $800

    • You can't blame the warehouse for that. It's a Zip constraint. You can increase your limit by making bigger initial payments.

  • I missed it again.