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2 Hash Browns for $2 @ McDonald's via App


What makes your mouthwatering Macca’s meal even better? Not one, but two golden, crunchy Hash Browns to go with it. Get in quick, this offer is only around for a limited time in the Macca’s app.

I think hash browns are normally $3 each?

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  • Add a hash brown to a quarter pounder. It's soo good

  • Too bad it's on the app as the coupon system is an abomination.

    • whats wrong with it? It works fine for me

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        It's designed to be as restrictive as possible.

        Can't use more than one, use one and then use another, it replaces the other and the first one is gone completely.

        Don't get me started on their kiosks. I had to explain to someone once who was having difficulty using one that they really did have to click about 10 times to order something and pay for something. For such a big corporate, it's really disgraceful.

        • You are absolutely right about kiosk and app. BK has good app where you can stack multiple offers.

          • @ranjitsinghrai90: the one time I used the BK app in the drive through, the guy used my name to when he said "Have a good day", that spooked me enough to not wanna use it again lol

            • @Vena: They started to show names for a while including on the screens that customers could easily see. After complaints (I assume) they removed these and just have a number and type of order (drive thru or pickup) again albeit with longer numbers. BK app has problems of its own, but I do find BK's app better especially with the ability to pay via the app. One thing I do dislike with Burger King app is inability to use the in app coupons with kiosks. I don't really see why they don't let you do it since you can do it on app so it's not like they want staff to verify something. While I greatly prefer in app ordering, there are those app problems I alluded to. E.g. where it says the item isn't available. Also they seem to have permanently disabled shakes at my local Burger Kings so I can't upgrade value meal to shakes. And for some reason onion rings disappeared. At times like these it might be useful to be able to use kiosks. (Definitely for onion rings I just made a new order on the kiosk.)

              The McDonald's app elsewhere does do app orders e.g. Australia has had it for a while. I assume the franchises here don't want it for some reason perhaps because of the cut head office wants to take. I have heard weird things about the McDonald's app orders in Australia e.g. it auto selects location but sometimes it gets confused and selects the wrong one. Worse it suddenly changes while ordering so you think you're ordering at restaurant A and then when you make an order it's sent to restaurant B kilometers away.

        • I usually do this, get a deal from coupon, pay for it, then get another coupon and add it to next order straight away.

        • Oh yeah the kiosks are shit, theres way too many button presses needed just to pay for the stupid order. Before they had the QR codes I was able to stack the vouchers when they first released the app in drive through

          • @Vena: The kiosks may be crap but still find it way more convenient than having to queue and wait 10 minutes for someone to take you order. Worse where the's some complexity or the staff member gets confused and needs to figure something out or ask for help. Not being able to use more than one coupon at a time is silly but meh I just make multiple orders and so I find the QR codes better than no QR codes where they forced you to go to the counter to use the deals.

            I rarely use drive through at McDonald's but the once or two times I did they let me make multiple orders for multiple QR codes although this was with multiple phones. (But I don't think they care that much about the phones now do they? They just want the code.) Even those times I was forced to use the counter they also let me do to with 2 phones for stuff like $4 McChickens. Slightly more annoying but again with Paywave a bit of a wash.

            What is annoying is when the kiosk breaks and takes your code but doesn't add it to an order so it's now marked as used and no kiosk will accept it. Then you have to rush to a counter and try and get them you accept your code. To be fair, I've never had a problem doing this. Even if the code has expired, it seems to work. I guess they just have to push something to accept an expired code. Just don't navigate away from the McDonald's app to lose the code. It used to be that if you tried to add a code to an existing order (because you didn't realise you couldn't use 2) it would also invalidate your code but I think they fixed this and made is somewhat clearer you could only use 1.

            I also find those cases where their kiosks have run out of paper annoying since usually by the time I realise & change to camera the number has disappeared off screen so I have zero proof. I've never had problems because of this but have had weird problems with McDonald's before. E.g. one time I think someone stole me and my mates orders. (We think the most likely thing is someone went to pick up an order and whether accidentally or intentionally, took our orders as well since we sort of saw something like that.)

            They never called out our numbers, and also seemed to stop calling out numbers for a while even though there were lots of orders. Eventually they started calling out numbers again, ahead of us but that can happen but it just grew one. We were surprised they would lose our orders especially since there were too but it became clear somehow our orders weren't going to be fuilfilled. After I think an hour (we were on phones so while annoying it wasn't that bad, and for this McDonald's waiting for 30 minutes isn't that unusual) we went and asked. I wonder if they thought we were cheating them but they just gave us our orders. They were just like 1 McChicken each or something but I wonder what it would have been like without receipts.

            I've only ever used 2 phones but I also wonder what would happen if I had like 4 and so kept going to get a McChicken or something, they might start to want to make sure it's really my order i.e. look at receipt. (To be fair, I usually change kiosk once I found it's out of paper or at least prepare better to take a photo.) I've also had other weirdness with their kiosks e.g. IIRC one time it got super super slow so took like a minute for stuff to happen. Another time the connection to the EFTPOS terminal broke so had to pay at the counter.

  • Hashbrowns are normally 2.80 each (At Queen St, I think prices may vary per store?)