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$2.99 Regular Pizzas 11am - 2pm @ Pizza Hut


$2.99 Regular Pizzas (yes the smaller 6 sliced ones)

From 11am - 2pm Monday-Thursday, you can pick up your choice of a Pepperoni, Classic Cheese or Hawaiian regular pizza for just $2.99 when you redeem the code REG299 in-store or online. Don't miss out, this deal ends Thursday 08/04. * Will go well with those tiny 200ml Coke bottles (sold separately).

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  • this would look great next to your new world mini shop items

  • haven't had pizza hut in ages they don't deliver to me!!!

    yet I ordered kfc who deliver to me and they turned up in a pizza hut car?

    • Same parent company, also owns Carl's Jr and Taco Bell as well, but sold Starbucks a few years back.

    • I don't do deliveries but do have a store near me. Hardly ever order Pizza Hut, because they hardly ever seem to have any useful coupons or deals. (I don't generally care about sides.) Their normal prices are maybe a little better than Domino's but not when you consider Domino's 50%/BOGO. Pizza Hut also seemed to be a lot fussier and harder to work with on coupons before. Frankly because they have their Friday the 13th + Halloween deal, even Hell's is a better source for deals. I mean $13 isn't that cheap but it's better quality than Pizza Hut so IMO worth it.

  • dont forget this deal still valid $7 off orders

  • $1 Garlic Bread code DOLLARGBREAD Expires midnight today AND Minimum $8 spend. Codes cannot stack.

  • Their 'regular' pizzas are so small. My local pizza hut (lower hutt) also really skimps on the toppings on them.. such a sad looking pizza ..

  • Pizza Hut decided to prove once again why I never order from them. It's 1:20pm on Thursday/8 April and I try to order but "Coupon is not valid for this order time."? Tried several different stores. Earliest pickup time besides ASAP is 1.35pm so it's not like the store is super busy and can't fulfill order before 2pm. I even tried selecting 1.55pm one time (it got later) still doesn't work. Added pizza before coupon or didn't, also didn't help. (Was adding right pizzas, the $3.99 ones.) Confirmed Facebook T&C etc are same as here. Looking at Pizza Hut website, see a bunch of complaint from earlier days that it didn't work and at least some of them posted at 13XX i.e. when it should have been working. Pizza Hut's reply was add the pizza first, but at least one person said they did (like me). Wonder if it's something to do with DST change as I imagine good chance they set this up before.