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1 Free Pint of 'Chip Happens' @ Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops


This deal is a copy & paste from OzBargain
Entry is only open to Australian & New Zealand residents.

Free ice-cream!

Courtesy of the 2021 Easter Hunt, I received this sms and so did others, and the url wasn't unique.
Sign up with the linked url and you'll have a free pint to collect
Don't delay though, I'm sure they'll pick up on the error soon enough…

As mentioned above, someone figured out that the URL code they send you is not unique. After signing up and verifying my email address, I am given a login link that takes me to my 'wallet'. Here you'll find a picture of a pint which is what you click on and show in-store for free ice cream.

The participating scoop shops are:
- Ben & Jerry’s Christchurch
- Ben & Jerry’s Commercial Bay
- Ben & Jerry’s Mission Bay
- Ben & Jerry's Ponsonby
- Ben & Jerry's Wellington
- Ben & Jerry's Wellington Airport
- Hoyts Te Awa
- Hoyts Sylvia Park

Go in-store and show the scooper your prize. They will then get you to scan a QR code 🍦

Apparently there's quite a few scoops and pints to be won if you're interested in partaking in the Easter Hunt.

Head into a participating Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop & visit benjerryhunt.com on your mobile to hunt for the virtual Easter eggs hidden around the store for your chance to instantly win! Total NZ prize pool value is up to NZ$100,500.08

Link for NZ competition details.
Link for competition T&Cs.

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  • Is this working for anyone? After entering email and clicking Continue, I'm stuck on Please Wait…

    • AdBlockers? Just tried with a different email with no issues.

      • Ah, think it was my work network blocking some requests… Tried it using mobile data on my phone and it worked. Thanks!

  • Tried it and got a scoop not a pint. Thanks though 👍

      • I got the same thing but when you click on redeem, the "Scan the QR code" step says you get a free scoop

        • Good point. I should've read my own writing in the NZ competition section: '1,048 x Single Scoop of Chip Happens in Waffle Cone'

        • The thing is though, if you show them the screen that says free pint, wouldn't they then hand scoop you a pint from the freezer? Would be pretty awkward for them to then click on redeem and say oh wait it's only a free scoop and then scoop you a cone. They might, but they also might not care or even look and give you the pint and put it down to a bug in the app.

          What happens in the store is you show them the coupon, they scoop, then you hand over your phone and they have to scan a QR code (behind the counter) using your phone/the app and it redeems the voucher.

  • Some old mate at OzBargain reckons:

    Yeah I got mine a few days ago. I'm in Brisbane and there is only 1 store. The lovely girl … allowed me to change the flavour too. It's a hand packed pint - so not a scoop

  • Thank you. Got a free pint today!! Also, you can get a free scoop when you buy a scoop with next order.

    • Oh nice. How'd it taste? & reckon I should change the title to pint? Seems to be some confusion over what you get.

      • Yea got a pint as well and they let me choose the flavour. It wasn’t filled to the brim but my pint of phish food tastes like rich chocolatey goodness! Thanks OP!!

      • Its good.. Liked it!

  • I’m clicking the URL link from the email and am only seeing two options, one for FAQ one for How to Play and no ice cream in the middle.

    What am I missing?

    • Tried in a private tab with a different email address and it worked! Not sure why it didn’t show with my original account.

  • hmm I didnt see any vatoms today. Did Cheapies just broken another website??

  • Easter hunt didn't work. Got the free pint though. Thanks!

    • They're onto us…

      • Well all I saw in the AR view was the shop icon, and clicking on that gave an error (http 400 or 500, forget which). No eggs at all. But yeah, giving away a whole pint seems very expensive for them especially once cheapies have gotten wind of it!

  • Did it this morning, got a free pint in my wallet. You could likely use heaps of email addresses and register each one, and get a free pint to each email address!

  • Today all four I picked up were chip happens pints. Gonna be going back to pick up lots of icecream tonight on my way home.

    • Yes me too! Those pints are $13 in the supermarket!

    • Did they limit how many you could claim?

      • Once a Vatom is collected, it will be stored in your wallet.
        All Vatoms will expire at 11:59pm AEST on 4th May 2021, following which the Vatom will be removed from your wallet if left unredeemed.
        You will be able to redeem up to 2 Vatoms per day in participating Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops (where applicable).

        • Yes I saw that, and know the 2 limit, but @HighvoltageRus said they collected four. Hence the question

          • @rkl: You can collect 4 per day but only redeem 2 depending on the person serving you. Have had more than two redeemed before. The software only lets you collect 4 vatoms but doesn't limit redemptions if the store will let you do more than two.