[PC] Free: Assassins Creed Chronicles: China @ Ubisoft


Ubisofts lunar new year sale and they are giving away a (small) Assassins Creed game

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  • Word of warning. If you claim this on a desktop browser or one that Ubisoft thinks is desktop, it may not work properly. You'll see a "ALL GOOD Your game is activated on your Ubisoft Connect for PC Library." box so may assume it was added to your account. Except if you check Uplay/Ubisoft Connect/whatever they want to call it, you'll probably find the game isn't in your game list.

    At least that's what it seemed like for me and I did wait 2 hours or so plus I assume it's not very busy anymore so fairly sure it wasn't working rather than delayed. If you click the Launch Ubisoft Connect button you should be able to add it via Ubisoft Connect provided the giveaway is still active.

    If you don't want to fiddle with Ubisoft Connect you have two options. One is to do it from a mobile browser or one that Ubisoft thinks is mobile. This was discussed before with giveaways on the China Ubisoft store. If you do that, you won't get be given the option to launch Ubisoft Connect and it seems to actually claim the game like it says it does. I can confirm this worked for me with this giveaway. To be clear, you need to be mobile before claiming. (If you adjust zoom level after claiming you may get the box without open Ubisoft Connect but I'm sure that's useless.)

    Alternatively you can try this link https://register.ubisoft.com/assassins-creed-chronicles-chin... That's the Ubisoft giveaway page and normally it works without needing to actually open Ubisoft Connect. Because I already claimed it with mobile and my mate got it from a previous giveaway, I couldn't confirm for this giveaway.

    I thought the mobile browser weirdness for claiming from the China store was simply because it wasn't supposed to be available for NZ but guess not as this time I was claiming from the ANZ store. I mean if Ubisoft wants to try and force you to use Ubisoft Connect to claim, whatever, that's their choice. But they need to update their UI so it's clear since I don't see how the message indicates you need to open Ubisoft Connect to finish claiming. Maybe it's because of how they handle F2P games.