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Buy One Get One Free Buttermilk Chicken Burger (via App) @ BurgerKing


Bogof buttermilk chicken burger in bk app. Also don't forget to claim your free whopper jr.
Use code BREAKERS on this link below.
Thanks to stoic for code

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  • Doesn’t seem to be working for the whopper jr. entered mobile and haven’t received anything

    • Just worked for me. Has to be used in 24 hours

      • Weird… tried on 2 different Vodafone numbers and it didn’t work

    • I got an SMS after a few minutes.

    • Username checks out, are you using a Kogan sim by chance?

      • Yes, I use Kogan sim and didn’t reveive anything after providing my mobile number in the claim link. Any ideas?

    • -1

      I have an 028 number, and I didn't get the SMS either.

      My guess is that they are using some cheapo foreign SMS provider, rather than doing it in NZ.


  • How much is this burger?

    • +4

      $10.90 from memory.
      I thought the burger was average. Flat shriveled chicken that was then overcooked and combined with too many pickles

      • +1

        Thanks reviewbrah

      • -1

        If you remove the pickles it's just a slightly bigger McChicken. Definitely overpriced.

        • Hardly it's way better than a McChicken. Good burger overall the regular one is best I'd give it an 8/10 especially for $5.00.

          • @elite1247: The original price is $10.90, or $11.90 for the spicy version (IIRC). For around that price I can get a $11.50 Star deal from Carl's Jr, or 2 McChickens + fries with the Double Stack app deal at Maccas.

    • +1

      $10.95 according to the app.

  • yum yum free chicken dinner

  • I see this is back, thanks OP!

    They had the two different BOGO Buttermilk coupons in late November about the time the burgers started, like they normally do when they have a new menu item. Was due to expire sometime in January. But then they disappeared after a few days, I never used them. Was checking regularly for a time to see if they came back but gave up on that after a while. Wonder when they came back?

    • +1

      It might have come back Monday if not before. On Monday I was checking for vouchers to use for Tuesday and noticed it there. However on Tuesday the vouchers didn't work, there was an error about itrn in the voucher not being available even though you could add the burgers to your cart from the menu. I emailed them and they said there was an issue with the app and have me 200 crowns to apologise but by Thursday it hadn't been fixed so I guess they had it fixed yesterday.

      • I redeemed the spicy one on Monday or Tuesday, so definitely around about then sounds right for them releasing them

  • +2

    Definitely some issues with the app.
    But at least the new sign up, $5 spend, 490 crown free combo still works a treat.

    • Really? I thought they canceled that a while back?

      • It's definitely still happening. BK shouted me lunch due to it yesterday 👌

  • Can anyone review the 🍔?

    • +1

      Some reviews already above in comments. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't pay full price. I had the spicy version, lettuce, Sriracha mayo, crispy onion, and jalapenos. Not spicy enough for me though, zinger is spicier. Size was probably same or slightly larger than their tendercrisp chicken burger.

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