Samsung 8kg Heat Pump Dryer $1092 @ Noel Leeming


Cheapest price ever for this heat pump dryer. Rare to see this brand this cheap. Has been sold as high as $2500 before. This is pickup price if you want delivery then better to buy through the market and use 5% coupon to offset some of the delivery charge.
Smith city has this cheaper at $1074 instore only so if you have a branch or want to try and pricematch that’s also an option.
Use code MYNL16W10 to take $10 off.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


  • Does anyone know if there are any problems transporting these on their side? I have a Honda CR-V so I could transport it in the back but not upright.

  • Hi there , does any one know what’s the difference between this model and DV80M5010QW. Later is available at heathcotes and smith city at sale price . But DV80M5010QW is about 1900 at Noel leeming. I could not find any details online .


    • i was chatting with samsung support as i am also interested in this heat pump dryer he was saying just colour difference , door and buttons , this is to match it with samsung washers , the inside and everything else is the same

  • Cant find it on the Market anymore and Sold Out Online.

  • Bought the similar model today from Smiths city as it was $18 cheaper. Had to go in-store as online is sold out.