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Win One of 25 E-Bikes from Meloyelo - Stuff Newspapers



Closing Date 17/01/2021
Multi-draw Yes


Description 25x E bikes
No. of Prizes 25
Total Prize Pool $90,000.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

How would you like to get your hands on a brand new electric bike this summer?

Our Summer Giveaway kicks off today and we are giving away 25 E-Bikes valued over $90,000, thanks to MeloYelo!

For your chance to WIN, simply find the special code in your daily newspaper and visit stuff.co.nz/meloyelo to enter before Sunday 17 January, 2021. There is a new code printed each day, giving you loads of chances to win.

Bonus code: YELLOW
21/12 code: NEWS
22/12: TEAL
23/12: DAILY
24/12: FOREVER
26/12: PLANT
27/12: GLACIER (Sunday Star Times)
28/12: NATIVE
29/12: PRESS
30/12: FOX
31/12: PARK
1/01: YEAR
2/01 TIME
3/01 GRASS
4/01 LEAF
5/01 SUN
6/01 TREE
7/01 BIRD
8/01 CYCLE
10/01 GREY
11/01 HANDLE
12/01 BIKE
13/01 FUTURE

Direct link to enter: https://t.comms.stuff.co.nz/webApp/PAPP4124
Just to note you don't have to enter the code on the day it was released "All Codes will be eligible to submit until the end of the Competition Period; however, entry is limited to one entry per code, per email address."

Please share any codes you spot - you probably have access to the paper on www.pressreader.com/new-zealand/the-dominion-post

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    Nice, thanks for sharing

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  • Does anyone know what the bonus code is about??

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    Tuesday 22 December: TEAL
    Direct link: https://t.comms.stuff.co.nz/webApp/PAPP4124

  • Wednesday code anyone?

  • +7

    Thursday 24th Dec: FOREVER

  • -1

    Stuff.co.nz is poisonous as hell these days. Now they even run one of those fake coupon aggregators. Disgusting for a site claiming to be a news outlet also running spam sites on the side, under their own name nonetheless. Pretty shameful to still present as news media.

  • Anyone got code(s) for today (26 Dec). Silly me forgot to pick up paper when I was in town.

    • +4

      Looks like it was PLANT for today's code.

      • Yup that's right

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  • +6

    Monday 28 Dec: NATIVE

  • +1

    Thanks for the latest codes guys, keep up the great work.

  • +4

    Tuesday 29 Dec: PRESS

  • +4

    Wednesday 30 Dec: FOX

  • +2

    Thanks for sharing the codes everyone, I've updated the post with them

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    Thursday 31 DEC: PARK

  • +5

    Friday 1 Jan: YEAR

  • +5

    Saturday 2 JAN: TIME

  • +6

    Sunday 3 Jan: GRASS

  • +4

    Monday 4 Jan: LEAF

  • +6

    Tuesday 5 Jan: SUN

  • +3

    Wednesday 6 Jan: TREE

  • +2

    Winners drawn today for first two weeks of comp.

    From week one of the competition the following people have won a MeloYelo Town & Trail worth $3,295.

    Ron S from Carterton
    Tamati T from Christchurch
    Dean T from Invercargill
    Mark M from New Plymouth
    Stephanie D from Lower Hutt

    From week two of the competition the following people have won a MeloYelo Traverse worth $4,195.

    Avril E from Christchurch
    Graeme P from Porirua
    David C from Timaru
    Alvyn C from Nelson
    Roger A from Hamilton

    • Thanks for posting the list Hamster, I've checked twice my names not there. Let me check again.
      Well done winners, any Cheapies win?

      • +2

        Oh look I just found this correction, found your name!

        From week two of the competition the following people have won a MeloYelo Traverse worth $4,195.

        Avril E from Christchurch
        Graeme P from Porirua
        David C from Timaru
        Alvyn C from Nelson
        Roger A from Hamilton
        Fatboy J from Christchurch (Bonus Winner)

        • HAHA LOL. If you're in Christchurch we'll bike share!!

          • @fatboyj: Does that mean you will dub me on the handle bars? Haha

    • :'(

    • Interesting that not one of the winners is in or around Auckland :-)


      • Stuff newspapers - mostly outside of Auckland?

        • Could be I guess.

          A little odd with around 50% of the population living in or around Auckland though :-]

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    Thursday 7 Jan: BIRD

  • +6

    Friday 8 Jan: CYCLE

  • +5

    Saturday 9 Jan: PLANET

  • +3

    Sunday 10 Jan: GREY

  • +3

    Monday 11 Jan: HANDLE

  • +2

    Tuesday 12 Jan: BIKE

    • Creative, that one

  • +3

    Heres the list of todays winners

    Ray T from Wellington
    Anne R from Tapanui
    Barry W from Christchurch
    Nicholas G from Wellington
    Wendy W from Christchurch

  • +4

    Wednesday 13 Jan: FUTURE

  • +4

    Thursday 14 Jan: SILVER

  • +5

    Friday 15 Jan: RED

  • +2

    Saturday 16 Jan: FRESH

  • Sunday Star Times shows a code of GREEN today (Sunday), but the entry page rejected it. Anyone else have any luck?

    • Also rejected

    • My partner tried to enter and it looks like none of the key words are working, some sort of error I presume

    • Must have coded it wrong. Last day was today, so probably 12:00am Sunday instead of 12:00am Monday was programmed.

  • Anyone got 17 Jan code?

  • PLease Please can anyone tell me the code for the today please? And can someone also tell me how I enter the whole lot asit says you can with only one place on ach entry form?
    Thanks in advance

    • +1

      Code for today is above, GREEN. But the website doesn't seem to be working from Wrattboi comment. When the website is working again, you can enter once, let your browser save your details. Go back and reload entry page. Click in first name space and should enter all your details. You'll need to confirm it has your address correct by click on the drop down with your address. Then type/paste in another word. Repeat. Lots

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      "Unfortunately on Sunday, there were technical issues with the form and the code word inside the Sunday Star Times and Sunday News was not accepted.
      The form has been reopened until 11:59pm tonight (Monday the 18th of January) and you'll now be able to submit the code word."
      Good Luck All

  • +2

    Thanks everyone for the time and effort for this competition. I entered every day.

  • I ended up not even entering the last few as I was away lol! Fingers crossed anyway

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