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Classic family board game 7.4 on BGG

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  • https://help.catch.co.nz/s/article-display?catName=Delivery&...
    I've not ordered, but they say shipping cost is $9.99

  • Great game. Easy to learn and fun with 3+ players.

    Europe edition $51.76

    • We play a lot. It's just about the perfect game.
      We play mostly with 2 player and it's very competitive with some early strategic play, then it gets tactical in building the connections you need.
      Games with 4 or 5 players can result in more luck, but still great fun.

    • Good spotting, unfortunately sold out now but this would have been my preferred option.

  • Is this game fun?I haven't.

    • It's way more fun than any of the old traditional board games.
      It plays fast, games take less than 1 hour (after every has played it once). On your turn you can do just 1 of 3 things, so there's not much waiting.
      You are always engaged in the game, watching other players turns to try and gain insight into their plans.
      In too many of the old traditional games you find yourself in a position where you have a choice, but really there's one obvious best decision (the game is playing you). Good games (like Ticket To Ride) don't do this, your decisions are interesting.
      It's a light and easy game anyone can play. It has randomness (luck) in the card draw, but it will reward skilled players.

    • It's basically what the most popular board game for familys in the world should be (Not Monopoly)

      Great beginner family game to get people into the hobby… and for much more go to www.boardgamegeek.com :)

  • Ticket To Ride is a decent game and worth picking up for this price if you're new to modern board games….but trust me, there a LOT of better games out there if you dig a little deeper under the surface

    • Like?

      • Depends what you're into, but pick anything from boardgamegeeks top 100 and you can't go wrong:

        • Strongly disagree!!! The top 100 list represents games that enjoyed by long-standing gamers - and half are difficult to get in NZ.

          Ticket to ride is probably the best game for a family group that aren't experienced with board gaming. The concept makes sense to people: 1) Place plastic trains on a route to show you own it. 2) Connect two cities to make a route. The trains are satisfying to hold and place, the cards are good quality, it scores as you go (no difficult math), and it is by far the best value game for money.

          Potential flaws of ticket to ride; not great with two players and it is a little 'light' for adult based groups.

          Other suggestions:
          Carcassonne - plays better with 2-players. However, for beginners amend the rules to not play with farmer placement.
          Azul - More depth than ticket to ride and feels more grown up. Also, good with 2-players.

            • @MajorMartin: TLDR:
              For most people - buying ticket to ride at $50 (or even $70) is a good way to find out if whether you like board gaming. It is fantastic value for a Christmas present and is far superior to monopoly.

              Personally, I like your list of games - I enjoy them all - but I disagree that they are suitable for new groups.

              If someone is asking about ticket to ride as a potential game - no one in the group plays board games and it probably features children. They are not likely to be ready for Wingspan, Mansions, Everdell or Burgundy. These games have a difficulty weight rankings of ~ 2 or above on board game geek. And (ugh) Crokinole - where a set will set you back $400 - that is not suitable for first timers.

              Therefore, from a list of 100, we are down to 6 (including Azul). IMO, none of them are as good as ticket to ride for an average group looking for a first modern board game.
              -Pandemic is cooperative and will feel a bit repetitive for new groups with only 1 game.
              -Patchwork is 2-player only.
              -Codenames is really only good at 4+ players.
              -Quacks is fine, but I find it less appealing than ticket to ride (people seem to like games with plastic trains/models/monster/heros).
              -Azul is a little abstract and can feel a little soul-less.
              -The Crew - not workable at 2-players and not currently available in NZ.

              As for availability - I factor in cost and difficulty of shipping when I buy things. Many things on the list are massively overpriced compared to elsewhere in World and other things you have to ship yourself. I agree that I was wrong to say that half the list is unavailable.

      • Some considerations
        Number of players. Some games might have a lot of downtime between other players turns so 5 players wouldn't be fun. Some great games only work with 2 players.
        Weight (or complexity). Do you like your brain burner games with no luck and your decisions determine the outcome? Or do you want roll lots of dice for a chance of an unlikely win (or epic fail). Or something in between.
        Time. Do you only have an hour. Perhaps some people in the game can only maintain focus for 30 mins. Or do you want an epic full day campaign.
        When you get experience a larger variety of games you might start to favor some specific mechanics; Auction/Bidding, Tile or Worker Placement, Area Control, Set collection or Matching, Real-time, Drafting, Memory, Dexterity https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/mechanism
        Then you might find you really like some themes and dislike others. Train games, sci-fi, medieval, fantasy, economic.
        There are so many games, there's literally something for everyone.
        Ticket to Ride is a good place to start. If you don't like it you can sell it for minimal loss.

  • good price on santorini too