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[PC] Free; Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition & Tyranny - Gold Edition @ Epic Games


The next Epic freebies are here.

Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition Steam link
Experience the game that revitalized the classic RPG genre in a complete and definitive package that includes every expansion, bonus, and update, presenting Pillars of Eternity at its best.

Tyranny - Gold Edition Steam link
Experience a story-driven RPG where your choices mean all the difference in the world. Tyranny – Gold Edition, the ultimate Tyranny experience that includes every Tyranny Expansion and all additional DLC.

Next weeks freebie
"The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale is back on December 17 (18th for us), bringing you the gift of great discounts and 15 Days of FREE Games!"

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  • Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition is showing as $47.99 and Tyranny - Gold Edition $63.34

    • Did you click the Steam links and not "Go to Deal"?
      I believe the poster puts the Steam links just so you can read the reviews.

    • Yeah. I'm just copying the ozbargain / reddit-gamedeals styles. Some members like to read the Steam reviews for some of these freebies.