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$10 Credit for New Sign Ups @ Sharesies


Receive $10 credit for new sign ups on Sharesies. Not entirely sure if this investment platform is worth it but would love to hear other people’s thoughts and suggestions!

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$5 for referee, $5 for referrer.

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  • It's definitely worth it if you're investing <$50 since there are no account fees.

    Once you go above $50, there's a monthly fee of $1.50, so at that stage it's better to have at least $200-300 to make sure you're at least comfortably covering the fees in gains.

    I invested about $250 2 months ago, which has grown over 10%. Compared to a bank that's a pretty amazing return ;)

    • But what would be the point of only putting in less than $50. At some stage it may also grow to over $50 , and then you will get charged the fees.

      • +1

        If you're new and wanting to learn, which I find pretty nice.
        along with the FB discussions group

        • Pretty much this.

          You can use the free $5 to play around with and topup small amounts to get a feel for the share maket.

          You can still sell shares to keep your portfolio under $50.

          As soon as you're intending to have more than $50 you may as well invest another $200ish to make it worthwhile.

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    Where is this $10 referrer deal posted?. I can confirm it is currently only $5 for referrer, and $5 for referee as of today. So it isn't currently $10 for referrer.

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    Just a general comment: Sharesies is fun for small amounts and if you want to ride the rollercoaster of unpredictable single stocks (like Tesla, for example). If you like to check what's going on fairly often, and feel excited about the ups and downs, it's cool for the entertainment value alone. It's a smarter option than a Lotto ticket.

    For larger amounts (like 10-20k) over longer periods, a service like InvestNow has low-fee stock market index funds to spread your risk but also get pretty decent returns when the market goes up. (Sharesies lets you get similar index funds, but you pay twice for ongoing fees: one fee to Sharsies, and one fee for the fund management.)

    • +1 for investnow, had only good experiences with them. Good for index's rather than individual stock picks, which is what people should be doing anyways, you aren't the next Warren Buffet

  • Its awesome, i chucked $5k in march, now its $7k. There's $3fees each month but i dont mind, i made a lot of money. I wish i would have invested more

    • Did you go in with knowledge of the stockmarket or did you make it up as you went along? I've looked at the site several times but just don't have a clue how to pick anything

      • This year was kind of special. Most stocks hit rock bottom around march so if u chucked it towards any share in 90% of the stock market, you basically made 20-60% profit on most shares.
        The general advice is to stick to index funds which also grew by the same amount.

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    I had no knowledge of share market, but with covid when the market went down, i checked last 5 yr history of some top shares and saw they were record low, and because they are well known top companies i thought definently share price will go up again, so i took a chance

  • Thanks OP

    • Already up 14cents. Might be able to buy a chupa chup with these gains by the end of the week.

  • To get into Shares, don't do this.
    Sign up for InvestNow. Invest 250 into one of their funds (I recommend US500 Smartshares). Then just watch that overtime to learn how everything works.

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      how does putting money in funds do anything for learning..

      Gotta invest into individual stocks yourself if you're going to learn anything.

      Then when you become pro, look into options trading. Through tastyworks and become a millionaire :P
      That's my dream anyway lol

  • Sharesies is a good platform to learn,

    The fees are not that bad. If you invest a larger amount it’s only $30 a year instead of paying $3 a month

    I have a mix of ETFs and shares

    • IMO I have found them good if you want to drip feed money in, as you can buy very small quantities at a time. .Also the more invested, the better value it can be. My nly issue is that you don't get all the communications you would normally get as a shareholder, so I am guessing you also don't get invited to shareholder meetings.

  • The heading for this is still wrong. My understanding is that it is a $5 referrer fee, and not $10.

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    Thanks, the person I referred got $15 and I got $5.

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