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Noel Leeming Black Friday deals - DualShock 4 Controllers $58, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 $1099 and more


Starts tomorrow in-store, tonight at 7.30pm online

Don't forget to check on The Market for the discounted item, hopefully can use the 10% coupon on top of these prices (plus cashback rewards!)

Page 1: https://files.cheapies.nz/upload/1022/3087/20201125_171628.j...

Page 2: https://files.cheapies.nz/upload/1022/3088/20201125_171635.j...

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  • I think it may also start online in a few hours (according to the website anyway). Similar to how The Warehouse is starting theirs online at 8 tonight (strange since stores stay open later than that).

  • Damn I just picked up the PS4 controller for $74 bucks from Harvey Norman :(

  • Based on this, I'm guessing the Sony XM4 is unlikely to go down further in price, in which case the current $424 price will probably go back up after today?

  • Dualshock 4 special looks to be only on Friday

  • Iphone 7 is $599 not as advertised $499

  • Are the DS4s more solid than the XB1 controllers? I've gone through three of the latter, so was thinking of trying one. The XB1 controllers are such junk compared to the old 360 ones.

    • using on PC? probably better off going with a series controller, they seem to be in stock everywhere now

      • with steam both work fine, steam beta already has dual sense partially working (no haptic/mic/adaptive triggers yet)

  • Wonder if click Monday will be any good

  • Can you connect a cheap ps4 controller to my android oj

  • FYI for those looking into this Nintendo Switch at Noel Leeming, probably worth referring to this post:

    Absolutely nightmare to deal with, would not recommend

    • This is a new bundle from Nintendo for 2020 BF… not detracting from your experience- I believe they did the same bunch last year sans the 3 month online code.

      • Right - would be good if they sorted their stuff. Found Noel Leeming pretty slack to deal with in general

  • Cyber10 at The Market stacked with the sale price I looked at 👍

    • Yes, I found that too. Works on their TVs. The problem is that if the item is large and over $400 you can't pickup, so there is a big shipping fee. This doesn't make much sense, because isn't the market owned by the warehouse group, who owns Noels, etc, and that is a pickup location. But with 10% off, it can still make it cheaper to buy through the market. Also when you buy the through the market, aren't you still buying from the retailer Noels, and the market are just acting as an agent for the retailer?.So if you have a problem with the product, can't you just go back to the retailer as per the CGA?

      • The market is the "retailer".You could say the same about Noel Leeming as they are just drop shippers for a lot of their Internet sales and most of their products are on floor plan and owned by the wholesale distributors like Sony, Panasonic etc.

        • This is not what their terms say. It says that you are buying from the merchants (retailers) selling on the market, such as Noel Leemings, the warehouse , warehouse stationary etc , and not from TheMarket. It even says that the TheMarket market is not party to the transaction, as shown below.

          TheMarket is a New Zealand-owned and operated online shopping platform (Platform). You can use our Platform to buy a wide range of products from third party retailers and suppliers (Merchants). We connect you to Merchants, who pay us a commission for each order you make on the Platform. While we operate the Platform, when you are buying products on it, you will be transacting directly with Merchants, and TheMarket is not a party to these transactions.

          This is published here https://help.themarket.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023595854-Cu...

          • @nzmax: Yes I'd like to see that tested under New Zealand consumer law as all inquiries and payments and warranty claims are handled by "the market "And you cannot directly contact the original supplier, you have to go through the market for any product inquiries or claims.

            • @pdevonporf: IANAL but I don't think they can contract out of the CGA which does allow the consumer to go to the supplier / manufacturer too. The CGA however may provide more protection than the warranty. They do also make it clear from their terms that you are purchasing from the retailer, and not directly from themarket too.

  • 1x PS4 controller for $48 via The Market (used code APPEXCLUSIVE). Cheers

  • Anyone else buy a tv from NL through the market on Black friday, and not yet had the item shipped?