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Watch Dogs Legion NZ$50, Control Ultimate Edition NZ$24, Resident Evil2 NZD$17 and More @ Xbox Brazil


Some good deals to be had on digital Xbox games on the Brazilian Microsoft stores Black Friday Sale

I've selected a few and rounded the prices up to the nearest NZ dollar and beside them in brackets I've put the price that you'd pay on the NZ store Black Friday sale for these same games just to give you an idea what kind of savings you'll be getting.

Watchdogs Legion $50 ($72)
Diable 3 Eternal Collection $18 ($37)
Control Ultimate Edition $24 ($40)
Resident Evil 2 $17 ($28)
Resident Evil 3 $22 ($38)
Raccoon City Edition (Resident Evil 2 & 3) $35 ($60)
FIFA 21 Beckham Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S $48 ($67)
Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold Edition $19 ($56)
Borderlands 3 $22 ($37)
Elder Scroll Skyrim Special Edition $10 ($25)
Crysis Remaster $20 ($29)

lastly these 2 bundles that I couldn't find on the NZ store
Watchdogs Legion & Assassins Creed Valhalla twin pack $111
AC Bundle (AC Origins, AC Odyssey, AC Valhalla) $89

If you don't know how to purchase games from the Brazil store it's pretty easy, I did a tutorial in General Discussion here -> https://www.cheapies.nz/node/25561

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • Good post OP

  • I often buy USA games through that market place on the console (no VPN needed).

    I have USA credit from living there - just go to settings on the Xbox one (probably series too) and change the console location there, and browse/purchase with credit that way.

    Worth checking if that works for others too, or just me from being there in the past.

    • You should change to buying from the Brazil store when you run out of US credit, it's a lot cheaper than the US one for most games.

      Compare prices from different regions here https://xbox-store-checker.com/en/ just click on a game and it will show you prices from all the different regions. I don't use a VPN to buy from Brazil, it's only needed for your first purchase, but I tell everyone to use one each time anyway because it's a good habit to get into just in case MS changes something.