[XB1, XBS] STAR WARS™: Squadrons $35.97 (was $59.95) @ Microsoft Store


Ready up your HOTAS and jump into cross-platform multiplayer in Star Wars Squadrons or play the engaging single player storyline.

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  • Around $31 on the Brazil store, they've got some crazy cheap prices for their Black Friday sale. $24 for Control Ultimate Edition, around $115 for AC Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion 2 pack, Injustice 2 for under $8 (30something on NZ store) Fifa 21 for around $44, Diablo 3 Eternal $16

    Heaps of good deals to be had

    • How do you buy from Brazil store? Brazil account, use VPN, with any credit card?

      • You buy Brazil gift cards from places like MTCGame, CDkeys etc, add a Brazilian address onto your Microsoft account that you use on your Xbox (there's a Brazilian address generator online), switch to that address, visit the Brazil store via web browser in incognito mode from your phone or pc using a vpn, log into your normal account with your usual username/password, find the game you want and hit buy, choose to pay using gift code, enter code to top up credit and you should be good to go. I have read that the Brazil store requires a CC for your first purchase as a backup form of payment, but I never had to enter one when I did it (could be because I already linked my Visa when using the NZ Microsoft store for the first time?) and subsequent purchases I haven't even needed to use a VPN , just remember to switch your address from NZ to Brazil.

        I recommend buying a small amount of credit the first time ( it'll cost you around $4.20nzd for $15brazil) and use it to purchase the cheapest game you can find just to activate your account just in case there are any hiccups, Adams Venture costs $2.39brl which is less than $1nzd.

        Because MS accounts aren't region locked then if you're a Gold or GPU subscriber in NZ you'll be able to take advantage of Gold discounts on the Brazil store, and you'll also be able to purchase 12 month Xbox Gold gift cards for Brazil for less than $40nzd which if you're a GPU subscriber will convert to 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate so it works out $10/month instead of $20.